26 Tháng Mười Hai /TCT-TNCN, dated January 15, guiding finalization of the personal income tax, the individual residents as foreigners are subject. Dispatch No. /TCT-TNCN on 01/15/ • In Dispatch No. / TCT-TNCN on 17/01/ • In Dispatch No. /TCT-TNCN on 11/02/ On 15 January , the General Department of Taxation (“GDT”) issued Official Letter /TCT-TNCN (“Letter ”) to all local tax.

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Guidance on 2012 Personal Income Tax (“PIT”) Finalization in Vietnam

Some of the key updates can be found below. Dependent registration dossiers are made in form No. It should be noted that salary, bonus Best-fit job The best-fit job is the ultimate objective for any potential talents. X stays in Tmcn more than days from January 05th to the day of departure. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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The exemption of personal income tax for foreigners posted 4 Feb Deep local understanding The pathway to be familiar with Vietnam business conditions is based on the deep local understanding. PIT exemption for air tickets on leave vacation The personal income tax exemption in this case applies only to a return air ticket roundtrip of the foreign labor contracting company and just accept the limit once a year.

Gross up the net income after deduction result from Step 1. Subsidies are not bound levels, according to the levels specified in the labor contract. The income payer must deduct tax whether the tax is deducted nor not.

The Letter provides in more detail the annual PIT finalization to provide guidelines on matters which have not been clearly indicated in guiding decrees and circulars on PIT. Net base salary — less deductions for family circumstances i.

General Department of Taxation issued official letter No. Delegating the final tax declaration: For 817, the dependent s must be registered properly prior to the time of PIT finalization.


They have to directly proceed with their PIT finalization with relevant tax authorities. HR insights and knowledge HR insights and knowledge – Need tnch share and to be shared. This is still a question not answered.

Personal income tax finalization in the period from 01 Jan to 31 August will be reduced according to the arithmetic average of the year see average reduction formula in Clause 2. If They arrive and depart from Vietnam in the same calendar year and are resident, PIT finalization declaration of personal income in Vietnam is calculated from the beginning of the year 1 Jan to the month leave Vietnam, regardless of the time of your entry is incorrect or after fncn Jan.

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Finalization in the first year to Vietnam The first year in Vietnam, foreigners need to identify themselves with the resident or non-resident to make personal income tax finalization at the end of the calendar year. On September 15thMr.

Home page Legal Documents Official dispatch. These expeses are paid to employee for company office works, if its invoice has company name, address, tax code, it is recorded the company expenses. For further details or to contact the firm, please email vietnam dezshira. If PIT exemptions are claimed, statutory forms i. X shall make the final declaration of the tax on his taxable income from January 01st until the end of December 31st Generally, the principles for grossing up the net base salary provided in these letters are:.

Below are notable points addressed by Letter The months being late of registration will not be reduced. This means, the tax shall be imposed at the time the income is actually paid.

A resident that earns income from wages and private business shall make final personal income tax declaration if: If the resident, they will have to make PIT finalization normally as the native Vietnamese. The Letter, however, further guides that in case, expatriates have terminated their Vietnamese assignments and conducted the PIT finalization prior 31 December, but subsequently return to work in Vietnam until the end oftheir average taxable income for PIT finalization at the year-end shall be calculated on the income for the whole year i.


If they return and live a total of or more days in Vietnam, then they will be subject to PIT starting from 1 January not the date of their arrival. In the year if there is a change in the dependent than the first registration, within 30 days after the date of change increase or decrease.

Thus, for example, income of i.

PIT finalization Guide Where the Company is filing family circumstances in which no tax stamp of the Tax Department is not sufficient basis for calculation of family circumstances for dependents. PIT finalization procedures and how to declare can see the following instructions for each of the years of the General Department of Taxation: Other individual taxpayers i. A is requested to make the final personal income tncb declaration, he shall make the declaration himself without delegating company X to make it on his behalf.

As such, this person will have to pay personal income tax in Vietnam about 77 million according to the following calculation: Inherite land from parents, does the heir have to pay personal income tax? The unregistered months dependents will not be reduced based on family circumstances.