Cardamom : Healthy Benefits

Cardamom is a boon for all men know here  


1-often due to bad stomach or constipation, some people smell the mouth, eating small cardamom ends the smell of the mouth

2-Many people are troubled by cough and cold , in this case ,drinking 2 cardamoms in a glass of warm milk before going to bed at night gives relief .

3-Digestion problems are also cured by consuming cardamom,if you are also facing these stomach related problems,then start taking two green cardamom from morning to evening.

4- Consuming cardamom after meals strengthens your digestion power, along with strengthening digestion,green cardamom helps to relieve stomach bloating, gas and light-hearted stomach infection.

5-The anti-bacterial elements present in cardamom help to flush out the toxins from the body, which naturally cleanses your blood .

6-Eating cardamom increases appetite,which gets rid of weak body and makes the body strong . 

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