Fox Nut : Health Benefits of Fox Nut

7 Proven Health Benefits of Fox Nut,You Don't know

Fox nut is the most nutritious food provided by nature.In the local language,we also know it as 'Makhana' and used as snack food items.Fox nuts have medicinal value therefore China uses this food as a medicine and it plays a vital role in Ayurveda.It comprises protein,carbohydrates,fat mineral phosphorus,iron,and others.We produce it from lotus seeds.

Fox Nut : Health Benefits of Fox Nut,Makhana
Health Benefits of Fox Nut

Let's Know the benefits of Fox Nuts

1. Low cholesterol

They are low in sodium,fat and cholesterol.This property makes them highly acceptable snacks for food,so it reduces body weight .It contains high potassium and low sodium,therfore suitable for hypertensive patients.

Fox Nut : Health Benefits of Fox Nut,makhana,fox nuts
Fox Nut 

2. Reduce blood pressure

they are valuable for those individuals who are cardiac and obese patients . They comprise low saturated fats. Therefore they are called the best weight-reducing snacks

3. Low glycemic index

Because of the low glycemic index they are good enough for diabetic patients because they release glucose slowly in the blood

4. High protein content 

They are a rich source of protein so suitable for those who keep fasting because it yields energy to last the entire day. A plate of 'Makhana' will you up and also maintain the calories.

5. Anti-aging food 

We know them as anti-aging food because they are a complete source of anti-oxidants.A handful everyday keep you younger and gives a glow to your body skin.

6. Detoxifying agent 

They flush the toxins from our body.It acts well on red blood cells,so effective for the spleen.

7. Reduce Inflammation

They comprise a natural compound "kaemferol" that reduce inflammation in the body responsible for arthritis,diabetes,rheumatic arthritis, anti-bacterial is another property of Fox nut 

This property makes fox nut an optimal snack for all grades of communities.


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