WWE NEWS: Roman Reigns REVEALS he can't return to WWE

Roman Reigns REVEALS he can't return to WWE 

WWE superstar Roman Reigns opened up about staying away from the wrestling scene and revealed that he can’t return to WWE because his wife Galina Becker recently gave birth to twins. In March Roman took his fans by surprise when he announced his decision to opt-out of the WrestleMania 36 Universal Championship match against Goldberg, which was scheduled to take place in April. 34-year-old announced the news on his Instagram and mentioned that he is taking the step to protect his family from the deadly Coronavirus.

It was later reported that the wrestling star is expecting twins. He announced the news during the interview with Muscle & Fitness, which was taken before WrestleMania 36, but the footage was released on April 15. He shared the information while talking about his three kids. “Three [kids], with two in the oven. I’m looking to be Papa Bear Five. Breaking news, we haven’t shared that,” he said while smiling brightly. The wrestler already shares three kids with his wife. Now, according to the latest reports, the wrestler has welcomed the second set of twins with his wife.
In his latest interview with TMZ, Roman reflected on the possibility of a WWE return. “We just had two newborn twins, twin boys. They're 8 weeks old so I had to form a choice for them,” he said. Putting all the rumours to rest, Roman denied that his decision had anything to with his own health and battle leukemia. After he announced that he will not participate in WrestleMania 36 event, people speculated that since he is immunocompromised because of his battle with leukemia, Roman did not want to risk his health amid the COVID 19 pandemic.
Stating that there is nothing wrong with his immune system, the wrestler said, “A lot of people...they think that it (WrestleMania decision) was based off of my heath and the history of my fight against leukemia. Talking to my doctors and stuff, I actually am fine and my immune system is good. The drugs that I take to fight the leukemia, they don't attack your immune system,” Roman said. He stated that he took the decision for the well-being of his children.
Reigns said he is taking things day by day and he doesn’t have a date set on when he might return to the ring. He said, “hopefully very soon but right now we’re in daddy mode.”
As noted earlier, Vince McMahon has gone back and forth on erasing Reigns’ mentions from WWE TV and the announcers have been told not to mention him.
You can hear him talk about his absence in the video below.

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