Article — From the January issue. A clack of tiny sparks. Remembrances of a gay boyhood. By Bernard Cooper. Download Pdf. Read Online. This article is. Our Service Can Write a Custom Essay on A Clack of Tiny Sparks in Cooper’s story, because she bridges the reality to Bernard Cooper’s. A Clack of Tiny Sparks: Remembrances of a Gay Boyhood A Clack of Tiny Sparks : Remembrances of a Gay Boyhood, written by Bernard Cooper is about a.

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I can see the gender differences that branch off. The sparks only come when he is with other boys. Cooper anticipates that his feelings for boys will be cooler for an interest in girls instead. View my complete profile. When we think of “sparks” we typically think of either something pertaining to fireworks or love. He attended the “make-out party” to find out for himself or better still to give himself the chance to feel how it is to be with girls and hopefully to distract him from having all this crazy fantasy about the same sex.

Check here for homework updates, announcements, and blog assignments. The other boys and girls were kissing one another and feeling “sparks” or connections between them. Cooper wants to feel a spark with a girl so badly but he cant seem to. Do you need urgent assistance in writing high school, college or university academic papers? This was the point where he tint that he could not change the way he felt for boys. I think he used this image for his title because it symbolizes the final point of accepance he had in his “Gay boyhood.

Acceptance from fellow peers is vital for adolescents. He tried to make his feelings towards girls real, like a star, but they would not stay lit because that is not how he truly felt.

A Clack of Tiny Sparks Essay

I think he ends the description of the party as a “clack of tiny sparks” because he knew that he was different. He wanted to be one of them to be able to feel the sparks as well but he couldn’t erase bednard desire he had towards boys. I think he used the image of tiny sparks for the title to describe the very small feelings he has for women compared to the sparks between every other boy and girl at the party.


I have a friend that struggled with the same thing and I could see it clear from his eyes. He didn’t feel the sparks when he kissed the girl. Cooper attends the make-out party because that is what everyone is doing and that was is normal.

I think that Cooper ends his description with the “clack of tiny spraks” because he realizes he has feelings for boys and is just not interest or fascinated by girls. Theresa Sanchez is a very important character in Cooper’s story, because she bridges the reality to Bernard Cooper’s sexuality. In Benard Coopers “Tiny Clack of Sparks” Cooper attends the make out party because he wants to have attaction towards girls and to hopefully end up kissing one of them. Like fireworks bursting after being lit, the make-out party was his flame for his anew self.

I believe we both used language to hide who I was who we were. Grady Rodgers possesses athletic prowess, an inveterate backslapper, a formidable wrestler, a wizard on basketball and at this age would be very attractive not to mention of him having a charmed life.

If likes girls he wont be “different”, as he sees it, from his friends. He ended his decription the way her did because thats how he saw the party, a bunch of boys and girls feeling “sparks” for eachother. I hid behind a this image that I put up for myself tijy Sonoma State.

She bernaed also the first person to notice that Cooper is a “fag”. Bernard thinks that if he kissed a girl he may enjoy it and thus not be different homosexual from his classmates.

Responses: “A Clack of Tiny Sparks” by Bernard Cooper

Why do you think he used that image for his title? A Clack of Tiny Sparks Essay During the stage of Early Adolescence, where hormonal changes occurs rapidly, I realized that there is always spadks confusion the gender, and sometimes it comes with the attraction to the sex. Instead he still has feelings for boys instead of girls. I feel like I’m thinking of it too much and not having a flow of ideas. Newer Post Older Post Home. I presume that he bernarv the party with the description of “clack of tiny sparks,” because he realizes that members of the opposite sex in his surroundings were doubtless in coper sexuality and that he could no longer deny his affection for boys.


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Comp City: Blog Question for “A Clack of Tiny Sparks”

He uses this description because it gives good imagery of what is going bernarv between the other boys and girls even though he dosen’t feel the same connection with them.

I think he ends his description of the party by saying “clack of tiny sparks,” because he was comparing his feelings towards girls to sparks.

Ok I understand the question, but I am not quite sure how to answer it right way. I coopwr here as a straight female. I think that he ends his desciption of the party with the ‘clack of tiny sparks” because at he parrty he saw when the other girls and boys were kissing eachother there where sparks of chemistry shooting between clafk. I think he used the image of the sparks as his title because it represents how he found out about his sexual orientation.

The sorority I was in was not the life style that I wanted.

I understand why he is hiding his feelings from his friends. He feels that if he kisses a girl than he will be able to have feelings for her rather than coo;er other boys.

He describes the party with “clack of tiny sparks” because thats when you know when people click. He used this image for his title because he realized who he was, and what he liked and wanted. Cooper attends the make out party in hopes of training himself to become attracted to girls. I sit here thinking about the language and Identity over a person’s sexual preference.