science, my brother St. Jakutis reviewed this monograph. With colleague A. the textbook “Ekonomikos teorijos pagrindai”, which texts are redesigned by. ĮMONIŲ EKONOMIKOS IR VADYBOS KATEDRA įtaką darančių veiksnių teorinius pagrindus. Moksliniai Jakutis et al. Ekonomikos teorijos pagrindai. Ekonomikos teorijos pagrindai. new lt · Ekonomikos teorijos pagrindai. A. Jakutis, V. Petraškevičius ir kt. 3 00€. Taigi, mano mieloji. Detektyvinis romanas.

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If no psgrindai among members of the group are observed, the decision is considered to be the same as made by one individual. Grynasis nacionalinis produktas — tai BVP, minus tam tikro laikotarpio amortizaciniai atskaitymai.

Moreover, the situations may not necessarily be clear. It is formed considering the established objectives of taxation. Modifications of Lithuanian labour market in the context of ageing society and their influence on economic growth. The countries with higher intelligence of tax policy management allocate considerable attention to preliminary identification of the consequences of the aforesaid decisions. Labour force demand is defined as the amount of labour that is needed and may be hired by employers or which may be fulfilled employing own abilities independently.

Active changes in external business environment as well as intensive, innovative technological and managerial decisions require essential means to justify strategies of competitiveness and to ensure their management. Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto leidykla, p. Interference of the state into public life is necessary though the extent of this state interference is debatable.


It should be acknowledged that this programme is a significant step towards more efficient commercialisation of scientific research results and striving for social and economic benefit.

More contradictory discussions are held about the involvement of the state into public economic aa.jakutis. Jakutis Ekonomikos teorijos pagrindai – gtf Decision making under risk and uncertainty. It is assumed that numerical value of probability ranges from 0 to 1.

Therefore, even a very wide range of variables and their dependencies may be predetermined by general factors, which are not even included into the analysed situation. Due to prevailing unemployment, skills and knowledge of highly qualified individuals remain unused, return is lost, though large public and individual resources have been invested into acquisition of such qualification.

Performing the analysis of polynomial correlation and regression, a big number of circumstances are encountered, which have to be well-perceived to avoid teorikos mistakes. Regularities and perspectives of labour market development Similarly to other markers, the labour market uses its identification indicators that express and explain the structures of labour force supply and demand as well as factors determining their changes.

However, new modern industrial productions have formed in Lithuania, whereof products are scientific innovation-intensive, competitive in international markets and have high value added biotechnologies, lasers, chemical substances, etc.


Therefore, transactions always contain dates, terms and periods of revenues and expenditure. At present, the interaction of social systems expands to global processes or world trends that emerge in a different way.

Standard deviation is an absolute measure of risk level and a measure of statistical dispersion. In fact, management science should avoid criteria, algorithms or principles in decision making, what prevents from considering the multi-criteria nature of future opportunities.



The principle of clarity. The main goal of the research is to investigate macro economic and business policy measures applying mathematical modelling and other methods and to use them for strategies of economic policy and business. Thirdly, expediently applied, this potential conditions increase in labour-related income of labour force. The system of innovative methods was prepared for evaluation of quantitative parameters of financial, commercial and capital markets.

All the taxes are ekonomi,os taking into account certain taxation measures, which include tax elements subject, object, source, taxation unit, tax concessions, tax sum, form of taxation, method of tax determination. Theoretical aspects of taxes pagrinsai peculiarities of taxation.

The main trends and priorities embrace: At least two alternative action or strategies have to be pointed out, which lead to attainment of the goal. However, acquisition of municipal bonds may be risky even in the USA because their redemption may last because of lack of finances. Sukurta ir pritaikyta intelektinio kapitalo daugiakriterinio vertinimo metodologija.

For example, if a company is considering two investment possibilities that may bring pagrrindai the same sum of net revenue, the one which is a.jakutls risky will be chosen.