In Biohazard, Dr. Kenneth Alibek, born Kanatjan Alibekov in what is now the country of Kazakhstan, then simply another satrapy of the sprawling Union of Soviet. biohazard Ken Alibek Biological Warfare of world war two. Anthrax. Smallpox. Incurable and horrifying Ebola-related fevers. For two decades, while a fearful world prepared for nuclear winter, an elite team of.

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After all, the USSR was a remarkable country founded on socialist altruistic ideology.

What Kanatjan Alibekov describes in this book as truthful and factual. Nov 07, Lisa rated it really liked it. Stephen Handelman is a columnist at Time.

Jun 06, Debbie Allen rated it it was amazing. Still a great book for zlibek Biohazard by Ken Alibek is a very interesting read for everyone who is interested in the field of biology and wants to know more about bioweapons.

Mar 05, Pages Buy. Once he found that we in the United States had been true to our word and had dismantled our bioweapons program, alibe risked his job, even his life, to shame his colleagues into doing likewise, and finally left Russia in hopes of helping tear down all the work of his lifetime The sense of purity and transparency he attributes to the United States sounds more than a little suspicious given his perspective.

I picked this up looking to gain some knowledge about CBRN and gained a much better understanding of the weaponization of viruses and bacteria. I would be fascinated to read about what if any scenarios the Soviets imagined using these weapons in, especially since the author portrays most generals as being very ignorant in regards to bioweapons.


The alternative is to remain as helpless as the monkeys in the Aral Sea.

Lists with This Book. Mar 18, Joanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Alibek’s memoir is a surprisingly simple and accessible read, even for a lay person like myself. We are experiencing technical difficulties. For anyone living under the illusion that the world is a super safe place and that our governments are doing Required reading for any person living on this planet that breathes.

You really feel you walk along with Alibek as he mixed the biochemicals set to be unleashed on America.

Physician As Writer: Syllabus

This book alibe a real eye-opener, and for the fact that it’s all one true account, it succeeds in being quite horrifying. Virulent strains of deadly bacteria were created and harnessed using plasmids and other gene altering methods.

In addition, Alibekov distinctly under-emphasizes the United States’ involvement in bioweapons research. Alibek gradually convinced to “go up that hill,” as Miss Evers put it? I remember only one curse word. Read and be amazed. How would these weapons fit into Allibek strategy or contingency planning?

This book is much more bohazard on the structure of the Soviet bio weapons secret industry than on Alibek himself. In our lifetime, we will most likely see a terrorist attack using biological weapons on an American city. As a defec Interesting, important, and very readable.


biohazard alibek Biological Warfare world war two

AC5 rated it it was amazing. According to Alibek the highest scientists in the program did not ever work on actual strategy or tactics for using the weapons- but did anyone in the military have the scientific knowledge to know how to use these effectively?

This book is so disturbing and sinister that it’s easy to mistake it for fiction. The style alibem conversational, and it avoids being too technical. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. I was pleasantly surprised! The science is pretty light- not really enlightening.

Mar alibekk, Brooke rated it it was amazing. View all 3 comments. Probably, one of the few non-fictions I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. To be clear from the start, the book was written in late The sheer scale of the mass-production of various agents Plague, Smallpox, Anthrax, Marburg, and Ebola, among others and the means developed for dispersing them in catastrophic amounts is enough to give one goosebumps hence “The Chilling True Story,” I suppose.

The technical details are vivid and terrible even as the human story unfolds. I did not find the book as interesting as I thought it would be. Now, in a calm, compelling, utterly convincing voice, he tells the world what he knows.