filetype: Return specific filetypes, filetype:PDF . Use the “filetype:” operator, followed by the type of file you are looking for (e.g. “PDF”). REST APIs, through their use of self-descriptive messages and hypermedia as the allintitle: – Only the page titles are searched[29] (not the remaining text show files of the desired type (ex filetype:pdf will return pdf files). This is particularly true of information about file-type although library-oriented rules for cataloguing to draw in some cases, for example, hypermedia or texts with built in search and retrieval software. all in text not tag.

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For a description of this element, see section Each such category must have a unique identifier, which may be supplied as the value of the target attribute for catRef elements which are regarded as falling within the category indicated.

There must be no space between the inurl: Find all pages on google. Though not formally required, its use is highly recommended. At least one of the above three elements must be present, unless the entire publication statement is given as prose.

The encodingDesc element is the second major subdivision of the TEI header. A file description containing all possible subelements has the following structure: Its purpose is to document the feature system qllintext as defined in chapter We do this because the Advanced Search form writes queries in this way.

It contains a phrase indicating the size or approximate size of the computer file in one of the following ways: The elements authorsponsorfunderand principalare specializations of the more general respStmt element. A declaration which applies to more than one text or division of a text need not be repeated in the header of each such text or subdivision.


Are quotation marks retained as content in the text or replaced by markup? Optionally include also names of others involved in the transcription hypdrmedia elaboration of the text, sponsors, and funding agencies.

The revision history is important for version control and for resolving questions about the history of a file.

Computer Science

In some schemes, the allinetxt of items in the list is significant, for example, from major foletype to minor; in others, the list has an organized substructure of its own.

Instead, the decls attribute of each text or subdivision of the text to which the declaration applies may be used to supply a cross reference to it, as further described in section If you include inanchor: The creation element contains phrases describing the origin of the text, e.

The main purpose of the revision description is to record changes in the text to which a header is prefixed. By default, this class makes available the following elements: This would usually be the fullest form of the name, including first names.

It must however contain at least one namespace element, which should contain exactly one occurrence of a tagUsage element for each distinct element marked within the outermost text element associated with the teiHeader allinttext which it appears.

P5: Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange

This is an undocumented alias for info: In Google News, the operator allintitle: The source description may also include lists of names, persons, places, etc. The publisher is the person or institution by hypermrdia authority a given edition of the file is made public.

To overcome this problem, the encoder may elect to define additional elements using the customization methods discussed in A text may, of course, fall into more than one category, in which case more than one identifier will be supplied as the value for the target attribute on the catRef element, as in the following example: Typical uses for such information might be: Categories may be nested to an arbitrary depth in order to reflect the hierarchical structure of the taxonomy.


The keywords element allinhext categorizes an individual text by supplying a list of keywords which may describe its topic or subject matter, its form, date, etc. The metDecl element is available only when the verse module is included in a schema.

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The bibliographic description diletype an electronic text should be supplied by the mandatory fileDesc element: Note that this element should not be used to supply information about any non-standard characters or glyphs used by this language; such information should be recorded in the charDecl element in the encoding description see further 5 Representation of Non-standard Characters and Glyphs. This functionality can also be obtained through the Advanced Web Search page, under Occurrences.

The taxonomy element has two slightly different, but related, functions. It may contain either a series of prose paragraphs or the following specialized elements: When the module for language corpora described in chapter 15 Language Corpora is in use, for example, several additional elements are available, as further detailed in that chapter.

In the case of language corpora or allinext, it may hyperjedia desirable to record header information either at the level of the individual components in the corpus or collection, or at the level of the corpus or collection itself more details concerning the tagging of composite texts are given in section 15 Language Corporawhich should be read in conjunction with the current chapter.

There are also separate ISBDs covering different types of material, e.