Annette Curtis Klause, Author Delacorte Press $ (p) ISBN Expected to mate with one of the rowdy, blood-hungry werewolves her own age, Vivian. Vivian Gandillon relishes the change, the sweet, fierce ache that carries her from girl to wolf. At sixteen, she is beautiful and strong, and all the. Blood and Chocolate’s protagonist Vivian Gandillon loves the change—the sweetly painful way her body moves from human to wolf. At

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She reveals bpood beast form to Aiden; he crouches in a corner in fear and starts to throw things at her to chase her away. And because the pack is a mess, she turns to a human boy a meat-boy to focus her attentions on. This section contains words approx. She is being set up by Astrid.

In keeping with the traditional werewolf lore, silver is poisonous when introduced into the bloodstream, often proving fatal, and death is a real danger in that “anything that will sever the spine will do”. Do we not take simple annnette for all they can serve us? Gabriel angrily orders Aiden to leave.

It’s full of misused adverbs and adjectives, and the stupidest metaphors you’ll ever read. Vivian Gandillon relishes the change, the sweet, fierce ache that carries her from girl to wolf. This had so much potential. Perhaps I just skip the blood and find myself a piece of chocolate in the kitchen instead? The werewolves’ taste for risky pranks and the author’s knack for double–and even triple–entendres add sly undercurrents to this fierce, suspenseful chiller.


I think I’ll stay away from any blood relatives today, just in case Vivian is a teenage werewolf in a splintering pack.

Blood and Chocolate

At sixteen, she is beautiful and strong, and all the young wolves are on her tail. Vivian, the main character and narrator, is far too calculating and sexualized for a year-old girl, I don’t care if she IS a werewolf.

Definitely not like other Young-Adult, which always se I love the ending! Loup-garou is the French word for “werewolf”. After reading so many great reviews on the book however, I thought I’d give it another chance.

Blood and Chocolate Summary & Study Guide

Notice I said things in both categories. What is she really—human or beast?

I very easily got caught up with the story of Vivian, who has as many problems, if not more, then your average teen. Maybe if she made him the mate of her flesh first, then she would know. They have made a pact not to kill humans so that they annd be exposed. Because that’s how it always works, right?


Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause — Banned Library

Their werewolf society was definitely fucked up and scary like compounds with guns scary. Are we to believe that her jealous acts totally in character considered how the werewolves were portrayed were due to her desire to protect? Blood and Chocolate tells us a different story. She finds her loyalties between the pack and Aiden tested when brutal murders begin to occur, the killer clearly a werewolf.

Blood and Chocolate Summary & Study Guide

Just as he’s about to chocolats her, Astrid and Rafe show up in their hybrid forms. She is now expected to mate the new leader, Gabriel. Her father, the leader of the pack, died in the fire. Just a note of warning: Just don’t read too closely into it.

If anything she struggled with it, with getting her heart broken, more than your average teen.