5 MB app. Asma ul Ashab e Badr Ashab e Badr ke namon se her dua qabool. Related to Duaen Companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Battle of Badr. The names of the holy Badr sahaba extracted from “Badr Mawlid” written by Allama Mappillai Lebbai Aalim. (Rahmatullahi Alaihi). Log into our multi-lingual. I have a question in regards to something, what is Dua Al Badr or Al Badri? I heard someone speak of it they briefly mentioned that it was A.

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Sayyiduna Amir ibn-i Mukhallad al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Ubada bin Samit al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Farwa bin Amr al-Khazraji R. Asmakl Ma’bad ibn-i Abbad al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Sharik ibn-i Anas al-Awsi R.

List of participants at the Battle of Badr

Sayyiduna Wahb ibn-i Sa’d al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Jabbar ibn-i Sakhr al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Sa’d ibn-i Zayd al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Suflan ibn-i Bishr al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Mas’ud ibn-i Zayd al-Khazraji R.


Sayyiduna Sawad ibn-i Ghaziyya al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Malik ibn’ud Dukhshum al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna al-Arkam ibn-i Arkam al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna ad-Dahhak ibn-i Haritha al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Safwan ibn-i Wahb al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Marsad ibn-i Marsad al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Mas’ud ibn-i Sa’d al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Umayr ibn-i Haram al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Khallad ibn-i Amr al-Khazraji R.

Sayyiduna Yazid ibn-i al-Akhnas al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Sa’d ibn’i Khawla al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Amr ibn’ul Harith al-Muhajiri R. According to the statement of some saints, many friends of Allah attained the rank of sainthood by keeping reading the blessed names of the people of Badr. Sayyiduna Mas’ud ibn-i Rabia al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Salama bin Aslam al-Awsi R.

Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Ka’b al-Khazraji Asmakl. Sayyiduna Thabit ibn-i Amr al-Khazraji R.

Names of the Muslim Warriors in the Battle of Badar

Sayyiduna Asim ibn-i Qays al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Sabra bin Fatik al-Muhajiri R. Bacr Ziyad ibn-i Labid al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Jahsh al-Muhajiri R.


Sayyiduna al-Hubab ibn-i Mundhir al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Asim ibn-i Adiyy al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Ma’bad ibn-i Qays al-Khazraji R.

Doubtlessly, it is necessary to say “Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May the blessings and the peace of Allah be upon him ” when the name of the Prophet is said. Sayyiduna Zayd ibn-i Wadia al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Yazid ibn’us-Sakan al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Abdat’al-Hashhash al-Khazraji R.

Sayyiduna Sulaym ibn-ul Harith al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Ukkasha bin Mihsan al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Abbad ibn-i Bishr al-Awsi R.

Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Suhayl al-Muhajiri R.

Sayyiduna Asim ibn-i Sabir al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Thabit ibn-i Tha’laba al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna al-Harith ibn-i Hatib al-Awsi R. Wa Alaykum Salam brother.