The Atheneum is one of Richard Meier’s bestknown projects built in The Atheneum by Richard Meier architect, at New Harmony, Indiana, to , architecture in the Great Buildings Online. There is nothing superfluous in Richard Meier’s lean preliminary studies for the Atheneum, a visitors” center and museum for the town of New Harmony.

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Are Public and Private Schools. More information is also available about meker film collection and the Circulating Film and Video Library. The Atheneum New Harmony, Indiana – Clark and Michael Pause. As a visitor’s center for New Harmony, it includes a minute movie on the history of New Harmony, called “The New Harmony Experience”, in its seat auditorium. Meier’s homage lies in part in his formal vocabulary, with its pilotis, ramps, and pure white forms, but also in his emphasis on the architectural promenade, that is, the journey through the building.

Meier has said of the Atheneum that “circulation is the main spatial protagonist of this building and the ramp is its most vital element. The two-dimensional image contains within it the instructions for the three-dimensional object that is the building. Loraas Disposal update website. Architecture of the 20th Century in Drawings: Gallery IV is a private space for meetings and events, not open to the public.

Come and meet your New Town Manager. The Atheneum”, Global Architecture. If you meoer additional information or spotted an error, please send feedback to digital moma. Details Porcelain-enameled cladding panels are 2′-” square. Functional Aspect The program of the building is concerned with orientation, community gathering and cultural events.

Subscribers – login to skip ads. The building is an object, apart from the historic town in distance and character, whose spatial experiences explore the relationship between architecture and society as the town it reveals once attempted.

The first, a primary orthogonal grid responds to the street grid of the town. The ideal vision of the relationship between habitation and social life exists in the restored architecture richarrd New Harmony.


The Museum of Modern Art,p.

New Harmony’s Atheneum

The plan, which seems to have been neglected of late, is in fact the key. Views Read Edit View history. IR Design a Richar. Theorizing a new agenda for architecture.

The second galleries discusses the various individuals in New Harmony’s history.

Math Geometry Case Study: Athfneum of the times The historical context of the town and the spirit of the times in which this building was actually conceived and built provide an interesting parallel. The elevation brings the promenade to life by charting its trajectory through the horizontal levels of the building: The windows frame specific views and this climaxed as the visitor reaches the open roof deck that exposes wide-open vistas as well as a view to ricgard town.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. For access to motion picture film stills please contact the Film Study Center. By rotating one axis slightly off center, Meier creates a dynamic tension that is reinforced by the shifting directions of the path threading through a variety of spaces connected by ramps and stairs. Psychological Demands of space This determinant is addressed, I believe, by the central circulation pattern of the space.


The Atheneum – Richard Meier & Partners Architects

I do believe that buildings should speak. The contemporary town of Harmony, has developed as a scientific centre of national significance wikipedia and has continued to have an elevated relationship with its architecture. Although the utopian society dissolved aroundMeier kept this original historic context as his primary concern in this design.

The Atheneum by Richard Meier advertisement. This search, for me, begins with the plan. This record is a work in progress. Upon reaching the exhibition space on the third level, the visitor can look back on the route he has traveled, through staggered interior slots and windows framing the essential spaces, as well as forward to what is to come.

Sources on The Atheneum Roger H. Lecture by Richard Meier.

But, of the two, the plan is the most convincing and fundamental expression of architectural ideas. This page was last edited on 15 Augustat The historical inspiration underlying much of Meier’s work is the early architecture of Le Corbusier, such as the Villa Savoye, an icon of wtheneum modern movement.


The town flourished economically for ten years until it Rapp, who felt his flock should go back from whence they came, sold the land and assets to British social reformer Robert Owen, who brought his own group of intellectuals to live in social and economic New Harmony. Visitors descend by way of a second ramp — this one elongated and stepped, an uncoiled version of the interior one — leading out of the building and into New Harmony itself.

From here, the pedestrian circulation through the building is a continuous experience, of which the interior ramp is chief mediator and armature. Rules of Focus – Pasadena City College. In the plan, the building’s principal cross axes can be seen extending beyond it into the landscape, as if connecting gichard with the grid of the town to welcome visitors.

The Atheneum, located near the banks of the Wabash River aheneum the edge of New Harmony, is the starting point for the tour of the historic town, richarc is intended to serve as a center for visitor orientation and cultural community events. The fourth is closed to the public and has furniture designed by Richard Meier himself. It is named for the Greek Athenaionwhich was a temple dedicated to Athena in ancient Greece.

mwier Once the visitor has crossed the threshold, the entry box propels him to the foot of the internal circulation ramp. River and vehicular visitors’ paths converge to set up a universal experience of the pocelin box of grids placed upon an earthen plinth in protection from yearly floods.

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