AutoFS provides automounting of removable media or network shares when they are Removable media; NFS network mounts. Configure a basic automount function on your network file system with autofs. Automount mini−Howto. Rahul Sundaram, [email protected] v, −12− This file describes the autofs automounter, how to configure it, and .

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You can modify, delete, or add entries to maps to meet the needs of your environment. Your email address will not be published. However, if you need to authenticate before accessing the Samba share, automount will not function.

Installation Install the autofs package either by clicking here or entering the following in a terminal autofss They are points under which file systems are mounted in the future.

How Autofs Works (System Administration Guide, Volume 3)

A reboot clears all of the autofs mount points. For example, the following line instructs autofs to create a mount-point at the place specified in auto. External Links The mount man page – hosted on the official Ubuntu website. You can use variables anywhere in an entry line except as a key.

Because of this separation, it is possible to add, delete, or change map information without first having to stop and start the automountd daemon process. Do not use the -soft option when specifying hierarchical layers.

When multiple layers are defined in the automounter files, the xutofs process becomes more complex. Note – All other server selection factors are more important than weighting.

The main package we have to install is autofs. All other server selection factors are more important than weighting. In servers with multiple network interfaces, list the host name associated with each network interface as if it were a separate server.


The automount command is controlled within a domain and on computers through the name space or local files. Make sure it works In order to access the share and verify that it is working properly, enter the following into a shell: The following file is an example of a name service switch file:. Aufomount automountd daemon locates the directory, mounts it within autofs, and replies.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Be sure that you understand the security implications of this before proceeding. You create maps to meet the needs of your environment using the Solstice System Management Tools. This provides the augomount with the maximum number of servers to depend on. The entire location must be preceded by a colon: Once it has been accessed, your share will be listed only until it times out.

November 28, at 5: Refer the Output below. Before we start the configuration of Autofs we have to install required packages. How Autofs Works Autofs is a client-side service that automatically mounts the appropriate file system.

Even if the operation uowto successful, the autofs service does not check that the object has been unmounted, resulting in possible inconsistencies.

Indirect maps, such as those in the auto. Mount read-write, specifying a username and password to use to connect to the qutomount Whether your modifications take effect the next time automountd mounts a file system depends on which map you uatofs and what kind of modification you make.

Now the same entry for all clients applies to all architectures. For example, when autofs receives a request to access a file system that is not currently mounted, autofs calls automountdwhich actually autofd the requested file system.



Autofs unmounts the file system after a period of inactivity. The specific order of the entries is not important. You can create an autofs map that will execute some commands to generate the autofs mount points. If the xutomount option is used, requests to reinstall the trigger nodes can time out.

An example of a good file system to configure as a replica is man pages. This name service switch file contains an entry for autofs labeled as automountwhich contains the order in which the name services are searched.

As we can see above we able to access the NFS mount successfully. In ajtomount large network, more than one server can export the current set of manual pages. Autofs is a client-side service that automatically mounts the appropriate automoubt system. There are two ways available in linux by which we can mount the file system i.

Simple Autofs Mount To help explain the autofs mount process, assume that the following files are installed. Now create a directory for Autofs to mount the filesystems. You could autommount from using an executable autofs map if you need to be able to create the autofs structure from a database or a flat file.

Note – Mounts managed through the autofs service should not be manually mounted or unmounted. Which server is best depends on a number of factors including: