Welcome to our walkthrough for Aveyond: Lord of Twilight. Aveyond: Lord of Twilight is the first chapter in the Orbs of Magic series. After you complete the main. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Aveyond: Lord Of Twilight for PC. Solve dozens of adventure puzzles and explore an enchanting world! Aveyond: Lord of Twilight is packed with monsters, magic, and humor.

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You may have noticed him before with a dog.

Aveyond – Lord of Twilight Walkthrough – Episode 12 – Stormbend & Witchwood – video dailymotion

Whenever I try 2 see any maps, it takes back 2 plaza. Thais main journal entry -Go to bed Have Mel head back home from the temple and watch the scene that follows. Do not hesitate to upgrade your equipment because you will find here the best shields and helmets for your party in the game.

There are 2 bags and 3 chests to find in the den. Gyendal, the Lord of Twilight, is based here. We recommend you complete this quest a bit later in the game, when other people will have joined your party. Upgrade Mel and Edwards equipment, chat with townsfolk if you wish Now that Edward is in the party a few of them have different things to say then head out of the city to Brightwood forest.

Replace all the incorrect items by a second set of identical objects and pull the lever. That means you should read what you find in every bookcase you see in this game. Hometown of Te’ijal and Galahad in the Vampire Underworld. There are four deliveries for you to do over the twklight of this game.

Aveyond: Lord of Twilight Tips Walkthrough

He will leave for Quin Castle. As an orphan, she grew up to be a professional Thief of some repute. After you bought the coffin, deliver it to Vivianne. Make your way to Darkthrop Keep, to the east of the city. You might remember seeing eye drops for sale there.


Find the young boy near the city gate. Venwood is the peaceful Home of the Elven Peoples but their water utility is broken. So you will have to search. This hwilight is incompatible with Aveyond Bring the coffin back to Vivane and get the new password.

Fedor in Chateau Lenore after first wine delivery.

Aveyond: Lord of Twilight Tips Walkthrough – Gamezebo

This Vampire Lord plans to turn off all light in the overworld so vampires may take over the world and enslave all humans; and for some unfathomable reason he needs Mel to accomplish this. Read the mailboxes to find the right apartment. If you explore some caverns now, you should equip your party with sleep amulets available in Gheledon. Pull the next switch then just push the metal ball into the alcove beside the small plant.

Chests and pouches Cursed dagger Cursed sword Cursed robe gold gold Cassia leaf gold Cured Mail Cursed Helmet Memoir gold Cassia leaf gold Quest Location Solution Reward Find Gunthrop family item for Ralph in the catacombs Ralph who is just below the scroll shop next to the fountain In the second part of the catacombs, you’ll find a book next to the walkthhrough.

There are a total of five Goody Caves hidden in walls at various locations throughout the game. It looks like a star in the snow. Use Te’ijal’s drain skill when her life is low and she’ll take off more damage while healing herself! Broach Find Burnaby’s lost love This is an extra quest that does not appear in your journal Deliver letter to Burnaby Deliver letter to Hanna Lord Burnaby’s house in the NE side of Harburg, after getting him food Return to Thais and speak with the old lady near the inn.


You can find it there after you cross the bridge, then go south, its on the river. I hope it proves useful to all who use it! Red Rock Pass after beating the bandits. Collect the treasure, and get in the canoe again. Explanation Reward Fountain of Destiny Edward will dip Excalibur into the fountain, depending on the gem attached, it will change.

Aveyond – Lord of Twilight Walkthrough – Episode 12 – Stormbend & Witchwood

The enemies here can hit rather hard, but do give great amounts of gold at this point. This item has been added to your Favorites. Next return to Brightwood Forest and visit Moo Hatchery to hatch your new egg then take the northern exit to Istir Forest. Tinctura hypricum, level egg, mandrake, mugwart, eye drops, bowl of glue.

While initially Lydia has a small selection of spells, by equipping one of several Spell Books in place of a Shield, she can learn a new spell from that Book each time she Levels Up. But first, you should stop in Harburg. These always should be taken to Dr. Watch that scene then go to sleep for the night. Try to concentrate your attacks on the blue skeletons first.

Twilighg did that do you ask? Frequently, I have to start selling Haunches at Shops to avoid waste as the total grows near the 99 cap. Give her the wine and go back to speak to Fedor for your payment.

Go and collect your new serpent sword for Galahad! Defeat the wolves and the dog will run back to Thais. Once you crossed the mountains and some caves, you will be arriving in Brighwood Forest. Before you leave, browse through the walkthough.