Bin Roye Ansoo by Farhat Ishtiaq. Here comes another very awesome novel written by Farhat Ishtiaq. This novel is full of emotion, romance and feelings. Bin Roye Ansoo / بن روئے آنسو has ratings and 19 reviews. Aqsa said: SO, first I’d like to thank my friend Saman for recommending me this book. Thank. Bin Roye Ansoo is a beautifully written Social Romantic Urdu Novel by today’s top most famous women writer Farhat Ishtiaq. Its a simple love story in written in a .

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Saba continues to act rudely with Irtiza in America, while Irtiza continues to be nice to her. Some accidents that changed their life. Retrieved 24 July Overall it was a good novel.

Slowly Saba soften ups and starts going out with irtiza for outings. Aug 22, Ghaitha Eid rated it really liked it. You told me you will be home by the evening! Irtaza was the best through all of it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Bin Roye Ansoo was first published in Khawateen Digest as a story in its complete novel section. Saba has a difficult time accepting her marriage and moving past her trauma, feeling that she might be the cause of Saman’s death.

I enjoyed rroye the characters grow. The feelings of Saba Shafiq are so strongly expressed that readers will feel the same emotions of love, happiness and sorrow with each and every step of the novel characters. Books with missing cover Articles containing Urdu-language text.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Soon Anzoo delivers a baby boy and Irtiza and her name him Maaz. Irtiza then one day announces that he needs to go to America for a month or two for business. Saman and Irtaza live in the Lahore after their marriage.


Instory was published as a novel by Ilm-o-Irfan Publishers. Retrieved 22 September Apr 10, Kaukab rated it it was amazing.

Bin Roye TV series. In an interview she explained, ” Bin Roye the drama has the same cast as in the movie, but things which were not included in movie from the novel will be seen in drama.

He gets angry and leaves, leaving Saba upset and anxious about hurting Irtiza!

Bin Roye Ansoo / بن روئے آنسو

After a while Irtiza and Saman go back to America bun settle there for sometime. Retrieved from ” https: Saba is an extrovert, who lives life to the fullest, and expects Irtiza to fulfil all her childish demands.

After the marriage, Saba keeps a distance from Irtiza, Irtiza notices Saba’s behaviour and questions her on a number of occasions.

Later they are shown to live happily ever after!

Read Bin Roye Ansoo Novel Online

Before the film adaptation was released, a television series was planned by Hum TV in in collaboration with the channel’s own production house MD Productions. Saman gets pregnant and tells Saba about it, Saba gets very happy about the news and congratulates Saman. When Irtiza is asked about the same proposal, he outright rejects it stating that Saba deserves a much better man, and not a man who was married and has a kid, and that he cannot even think like this.

Sobia rated it really liked it Oct 20, Oct 28, Shaheen rated it it was amazing. Rebillious Believer rated it xnsoo it Mar 28, If he had loved Saba all along, how come he didn’t realise that sooner? Hearing this Irtiza gets very angry and tells Saba’s father off for even paying heed to such a proposal!

I was like ” what on earth just I read? In 2 and half hours, we already have to show a very large story in a limited time in a film, but when it comes to television, we personally like the way the story is narrated. Saba is completely broken but develops a very strong bond with Maaz. He further says that she needs to stop being rohe of loving him, because no matter how much the try their love for each other can never die!


Both Saman and Saba start sharing absoo very close sisterly bond. He amsoo fit the typical Farhat Ishtiaq character: Everything changed when they grew up. And that she is not liable for it! Seeing her happy has always been his priority in his life!

Bin Roye (TV series) – Wikipedia

Sabahat rated it did not like it Apr 20, One day Irtiza sees Saba’s mother crying and stating what bad did my daughter did, and why is her life so difficult, Irtza hearing this tells Saba’s mother that he wants to marry Saba! This is story of an over-possessive little girl who was in love with her cousin. I am not a Farhat Ishtiaq fan. So understanding and so mature and caring.

Bin Roye received positive reviews with most praising Humanity Saeeds’ performance. Their family is shocked and they make Safeer divorce Saba. Strangely Saba accepts this, and tells him that she is absolutely fine with this arrangement and that she will not be telling her parents about it, which gets the man quite confused.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I liked the character of Irtaza and Saman. This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat