Default Program (Bioloid Premium). Basic programs for humanoid. How to download task code · How to execute basic program. Basic motion files for humanoid. For those interested in building the Bioloid Premium Humanoid, assembly instructions can be found at the URL below. This URL is not part of. User’s Guide. What is Bioloid? Bioloid. The Bioloid is a robot kit where the user can build anything they desire, just like the Lego sets. But unlike the Lego.

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When no motion is being played, the joint offset will not be applied even if a value is input by the gyro sensor.

If the ID does not exist in the robot, a warning sound will be activated. Application motion control depending on the sound detection of the IR Sensor and Timer. If the robot alarm sounds off during operations then recharge the battery. Dynamixels used as robot actuators possess many functions.

Turn the CM on and press the U button. It will being crawling once turned on, and will stop when bioloic detects an object then avoid it. Double click an empty line or press EnterIn the Select Control window, select the controller to use, then press the OK button.

The mode can be changed using RoboPlus Manager. Therefore, a module from one set may not work with a module from another set. These sensors may be designed by the user or bought from a store. Is the battery fully charged?


Do NOT put the battery with an environment with high temperature or humidity. The robot will walk by itself while avoiding obstacles. Please refer to the Assembly Manual and check again.

[Bioloid] Premium Humanoid Assembly Instructions

Set the joint offsets of the actuatorsfor biiloid arms toso that they are not controlled by the motion data. If you change the channel of the controller, you must also change the channel of RC The walking motion files used in the Walking Machine contain 16 different walking patterns shown below.

When the obstacle disappears, it continues walking. Demo Mode The robot will clap depending on how many times you clap. If the UseGyro variable is false, the robot it will not adjust itself.

Thus, set the UseGyro variable to false where you do not wish to use the gyro adjustment. Task Code] will help you understand the code below. Add code to control the gripper and arm using the remote controller. To upgrade to the Zigbee communication method, you must purchase the ZIG set separately. Operation Guide – The robot will standby with its arm open.

How to download motion file. Start the Check Assembly Mode.


There are three ways to open the Program Output Monitor. Most of the sensors used in robots, such as IR sensors and distance sensors, support analog output. Time to charge the battery depends on the status of the battery If the charging time or battery life becomes too short, you may need to replace your premiim.


Operation Guide – Place an obstacle in the robots path and turn the dinosaur robot on.

Advanced Level Example Robot

Point towards the IR receiver and try again. Operation Guide The robot traces the black line. Therefore, by calculating the adjustment value and using the value in a callback function to adjust the posture at regular intervals, the robot can adjust its posture premiu.

Thus, all users must set their channel to 1 for broadcast communication. We want to play soccer or battle with several robots. Operation Guide – Place an obstacle in the robots path and turn the robot on.

Please use the 5P Cable when using other sensors.

I want to check how much battery I have left. Below is an image of a Type B humanoid with a grippers.

Control Multiple Robots 5. Objective for this tutorial is to learn how to use the Walking Machine.