In BLUEBIRD: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists, Dr. Ross provides proof, based on 15, pages of documents obtained from the CIA. BLUEBIRD blows the whistle on extensive political abuse of psychiatry in North .. The deliberate creation of multiple personality in children is an explicitly. Title, Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists. Author , Colin A. Ross. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Manitou Communications,

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Why containment gone wrong, you ask? Army doctors were actively involved in LSD testing at least until the late ‘s.

BLUEBIRD: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists – MCRAIS

Ross has built up compelling documentation of the fact that the CIA and military intelligence agencies have been creating multiple personality experimentally, and using these subjects in courier and infiltration operations. The full report on the Department of Energy Website is available here. I would be glad to go anywhere in the world including Korea to accomplish this for you. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, The degree to which such individuals were used in actual operations is still classified.

There were some who thought the Kingdom was a CIA front. In CIA terminology, these people were witting.

I was involved in preparing bby subjects during World War II. Subproject 62 documents “certain kinds of radio frequency energy have been found to effect reversible neurological changes in chimpanzees. These things did and do continue to happen. Key excerpts Intelligence Agency Corruption: Journal of Ddliberate22, She expressed absolute denial that the foregoing sequence had happened. Unethical radiation experiments were conducted on about subjects [9] [10] [11] in the US beginning in the ‘s and running into the ‘s.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Organized academic psychiatry has never acknowledged this history. At other times they were soldiers, prisoners, mental patients, sex offenders, cancer patients and other individuals who were unwitting, or who could not give meaningful informed consent. A button on the box could be used to electrically stimulate an electrode implanted in the septal region of his brain, a pleasure center.


Linda MacDonald was a victim of Dr. Saul Krugman of New York University and his staff deliberately injected severely mentally retarded children at Willowbrook State School with hepatitis virus in the ‘s and ‘s, psycjiatrists funded by the Army Medical Research and Development Command. Money, Law, and Genocide in the Twentieth Century. In connection with Case 1, in the professional opinion of [whited out] and as far as the writer is able to determine, a total amnesia was produced.

Informants were recruited from student and dissident groups, and were instructed to infiltrate such groups in the United States. American Psychiatric Press, Hypnosis comes of age. State Department official in Geneva, a meeting which resulted in his being recruited by the CIA as a mole.

Project Bluebird

Angleton thought that Nosenko had been feeding the CIA a little bit of real information in order to cover up the fact that he was a triple agent. We have some information not in detail and not confirmed that the Soviets and their satellites have used drugs which work along these lines. Delgado describes the cats as “mechanical toys. It is not necessary to go into detail as to how this is done but experience indicates it is our best technique.

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Chapter five page 4and page 5. I can accomplish this persoanlity a one man job. Electronic command of movement and behavior. The rich get richer CBS News: Whether in fact it can be demonstrated we are not sure and it is hoped that the field tests we are working on may help us along these lines.

Doctors Quotes Showing of It is evident from this passage that the CIA was seeking to improve its techniques for yb and successfully penetrating the amnesia barriers of enemy Manchurian Candidates over five years before the book The Manchurian Candidate 66 was written. The page Final Report.


Ewen Cameron, by the way, was the psychiatrist that “counseled” the Nazi prisoners at the Nuremburg trials. Although effective intelligence work could not be carried out without compartmentation, the structure makes it easier for CIA officers in charge of mind control to contract with unethical doctors.

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Nosenko, however, described being drugged on a number of occasions at Camp Peary. Consciously they will associate with the Communists and learn all their plans.

Key article excerpts Police Corruption: She was informed that this device was a bomb, and then instructed how to set the device. Quite often amnesia occurs for events just prior to the convulsion, during the convulsion and during the post seizure state. This was followed by two grams of phenobarbital, which put him to sleep.

Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. The subject wore goggles and a modified motorcycle helmet through which milligauss 1 microTesla magnetic fields were applied delibrate the temporal plane. Inthe CIA began to survey mail between the U. BLUEBIRD proves that there was extensive political abuse of psychiatry in North America throughout the second half of the twentieth century, perpetrated not by a few renegade doctors, but pwrsonality leading psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacologists, neurosurgeons and medical schools.

But in time she will use the brain-changing system too. Brain-Washing in Red China. His research is based on 15, pages of documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.