Brahma Sutras: Text, Word-to-Word Meaning, Translation, and Commentary [ Badarayana, Swami Sivananda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . Brahma Sutra Bhasya Of Shankaracharya [Sankaracarya, Translated by Swami Gambhirananda] on The Brahma Sutras are the third of the canonical texts and are regarded as the The Brahma Sutras are attributed to Badarayana. Indian tradition identifies BAdarAyaNa, the author of the Brahma SUtra, with Vyasa, the compiler of the Vedas. Many commentaries have been written on this text.

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The Vedanta Sutras of Badarayana: Third Adhyâya. Fourth Pâda.: III, 4, 26

It will remain a personality for ever. English Choose a language for shopping. Sutras were meant to assist the memory of the student who had gone through long discussions with his guru, as memory aids or clues and maximum thoughts were compressed in a few words which brahmma unambiguous, giving the essence of the arguments on the topic. They cannot be understood without a lucid commentary Bhashya.

The last three sutras of the chapter 3 assert that a person, pursuing means to spiritual knowledge, should bragma a childlike state of innocence, a psychological state that is free of anger, self-centeredness, pride and arrogance.

Brahma Sutras

When the food particles are stripped from our life-force, true nature becomes bare; Great talk is about nothing and tea-cups are washed overboard a non-existent ship sailing a non-ocean.

Bhakti is the chief means to final emancipation and not Jnana. Now therefore the Enquiry into Brahman. Should be sutras and so on, thereafter.

The justification for this is said to be that since each sUtra is itself a complete discourse rather than a mere statement in a work, it must have a shAnti-pATha at the beginning and at the end, just as with complete works like the bhagavadgItA or the upanishhad-s. The sutras in Pada 2. The Brahmasutra asserts in 2. It deals with the knowledge portion. The Brahma sUtra consists of aphorisms or sUtras, in 4 chapters, each chapter being divided into 4 sections each.


Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. The first five Adhikaranas of the first chapter are very, very important. It is also known as the Vedanta Sutra Sanskrit: Such an act, which strongly militates against the very concept and approach of an explanatory work, attracts the charge by his opponents of his having foisted his own opinions upon the author of the brahma-sUtra, under the pretext of explaining the latter.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. His school of thought is Kevala Advaita.

I have found Swami Sivananda’s to be the most approachable edition of the Brahma Sutras. Important information for those who study religion, and the Vedas in particular.

They expand Vikasa during creation. You identify yourself with the senses and kf, ‘I am blind, I am dumb’. They need not go by the path of gods or the path of Devayana. Samhita Brahmana Aranyaka Upanishad. When he was preparing his commentary he had in view the purpose of combating the baneful effects which blind ritualism produced.

Brahma Sutras – Wikipedia

Quite frequently, the plural nature of the collection of sUtra-s is not made explicit, and one refers to the entire text as such-and-such a sUtra, as if it were in fact a single work. The topics discussed are diverse. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat Qualified Advaita Vaishnavism []. The majority of the traditional and conservative scholars in India today, called Pandits, are students of Vedanta, and an overwhelming number belong to the lineage of Shankara — five sixths of all Pandits, according to some authorities.


This is the shortest chapter with 78 sutras and 38 adhikaranas. The individual souls undergo a state of Sankocha contraction during Pralaya. Sutgas Brahmasutra, states Sengaku Mayeda, badarayama and consolidates the extensive teachings found in a sutrzs of Upanishads of Hinduism, summarizing, arranging, unifying and systematizing the Upanishadic theories.

And now I can understand this difficult literature. The second chapter Avirodha: The work consists of 4 Adhyayas chapters16 Padas sectionsAdhikaranas topics and Sutras aphorisms.


However, the OM-s are not considered to be part of the sUtra-s themselves, and are usually omitted from commentaries. According to Sri Nimbarkacharya, Brahman is considered bararayana both the efficient and material cause of the world.

And there is need of all workson account of the scriptural statement of sacrifices and the like; as in the case of the horse. They attain the Nirguna Brahman at the end of the cycle. Me is endowed with all auspicious qualities.

It treats of the Vedanta philosophy. Detailed arguments by these rivals of Advaita are cited. Of these, the vedAnta school concerns itself with the understanding of brahmanthe entity referred to in the veda-s and upanishhad-s, who is variously described as the Creator, the Supersoul, the Supreme Self, etc. Vedanta off the end or gist of the Vedas.