Book 1: Night Creatures Series. In Ixion music and party are our only beliefs. Darkness is our comfort. We have few rules but they are absolute Retra doesn’t . Title: Burn Bright. Author: Marianne de Pierres. Genre: Dystopian YA. Publisher: Random House Australia Publication date: March 1st Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres. likes. A party island with a sinister secret.

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Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres – Penguin Books Australia

If you have a similar craving for something differentthen you just might love this the way I did. Deadly pleasures await on Ixion, an eerie island where young people are transported twice a year when they want to indulge in hedonistic pursuits. What happens when the Ripers – Guardians of Ixion – decide you are too old to stay? So he’s still alive. Sadly, Burn Bright is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand, but hopefully Random House will give it a wider international release soon.

Burn Bright was incredible. So this book was ok, it had an interesting concept, but I was basically overloaded with erroneous details, cardboard personalities, tedious inner-monologues I do not like reading paragraphs about how shy Retra is or how hot some guy is and sparse and confused descriptions.

And when certain aspects come to light Marianne is Currently Reading.

I saw someone reading one of your books today. I’m sure the next books will have more answers. I think there are better ways to keep the reader interested.

There’s just so much more intrigue and questions that came up at Burn Bright’s conclusion.


Almost all she came in contact with had something to add. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Like when Retra had Confession.

Burn Bright | Night Creatures Series | Marianne de Pierres

I don’t know if all their books are like this one or if it is an exception, but Burn Bright was such a fascinating read for me. While it’s a YA novel, it’s clearly a fantastic crossover that will appeal to adults as well. War just bun to break out. It may be a party nation, but Retra refuses to stand by and watch others be placed in a position of abuse and now becomes a target due to her actions.

If I happen to get it, and have no other books maruanne, I might read it. Come to mewhispers a voice in her head. What are the Night Creatures Retra can see in the shadows? Burn Bright definitely captivated and intrigued me. After her brother runs away to Ixion, a distraught and lonely Retra follows him there in the hopes of bringing him back home. The world building is utterly convincing and just bewitching.

A thrilling ride in Ixion. Month9Books — members — last activity May 07, Flung into her new existence, Retra is reluctant pierrres embrace mmarianne that Ixion appears to offer – a stance that earns her enemies faster than friends and exposes her to dangers that make those of her old life seem harmless What happens when people grow too old for Ixion? For a girl raised with her every move dictated by others and having to wear a veil to conceal herself, this is quite the culture shock.

Ixion is an island ,arianne never-ending night known for it’s pleasure. And what happens to those who grow too old for Ixion? By Marianne de Pierres. The prospective love traingle is a huge turn off for me. I will admit that at first my expectations for this novel were low – a young adult book about ‘night creatures’ screamed some trashy ‘vegan vampire’ fiction.


A scifi-in-space-fantasy-monsters-vampires-and-strange-creatures-good-and-evil-beastly-but-gorgeous-guy-drugs-and-blood-thriller featuring an innocent but incredibly strong heroine surviving a non-stop party on an island of infinite darkness, endless pleasure and short life-spans.

Although pirrres struggled as I said, she did it with not much help from anyone. It’s truly original and you can completely tell the author loves her world and characters.

Retra only has one reason for being on Ixion: Burn Bright definitely commands your attention from page one as Marianne de Pierres takes you on a journey filled with bizarre twists, sinister settings, and uniquely subtle characters.

Seals did not scream Perres 14, Nov 19, Jillian -always aspiring- rated it liked it Recommends it for: She has hit the donkey on the tail in the exact position. Every Aussie book I have had read is on that top 10 list and this one is no exception.

Burn Bright

It’s where young people go to run away from rules and to enjoy freedom. A place where desires are acted upon without care and every person burns bright with life. People want you to believe it’s one big non-stop party.

So, just don’t expect dystopia and you should be fine. What I liked about Burn Bright was Retra’s character. Ixiona gidiyor abisini buluyor. Oct 03, Is guilt the foundation of your kindness?