Canon, the Canon logo, and imagePROGRAF are trademarks or registered Ink used for maintenance purposes such as head cleaning is absorbed. (Replace. Complete The Survey. No, Thank You. Canon · Consumer Product Support imagePROGRAF Series Support – Download drivers, software, manuals. Products. imagePROGRAF iPF Drivers & Downloads; Manuals; NEED SERVICE? imagePROGRAF iPF Specifications · Drivers & Downloads · Manuals.

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Unpacking the Ink Tank Do not unpack the ink tank until you are ready to install it. When fanon the ink tank, be sure to shake it slowly 7 to 8 times before unpacking it.

Electrostatic charges could make the internal components susceptible to dirt, resulting in degraded print quality. Page 88 Chapter 1 1 Lift the Basket Rod gently to release the lock, lower the stacker toward the front, and push it all the way back.

F 6 Remove the bottom cardboard seat and palette, assemble the stand support cardboard as shown, and place it in such a manner that the side with round holes [1] faces toward the bottom of the printer. When moving the printer, have at least six people hold it from both sides taking care not to hurt their back. Pcbs Chapter 4 4. Chapter 4 – To remove the ipv9000 unit, pull it out of position keeping the carriage unit level with care not to harm the linear scale.

Paper Path Chapter 2 2. There is no utility for the OS Version you selected. Each tank is available in two capacities: Page Chapter 4 1 To remove the setvice panel[1], remove hook [2] with a flathead screwdriver and remove two connectors [3].

Search Our Knowledge Base Please enter your question: Installing The Basket Chapter 3 3. Flaws on the linear scale could result in malfunctioning.



If the carriage is locked at its home position, insert a Phillips screwdriver from the right side into hole [1] in the shaft of the lift unit in the purge unit and turn it counterclockwise. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Page Chapter 2 Details of the cleaning function are shown in the table below. If the operation is abnormal, replace it.

Canon iPF Series. Service Manual. Parts Catalog

Install the right ink tank unit at screw position [2]. Chapter 2 the print job without having to retransmit the job from the host computer to it. If there is any problem, replace the head relay PCB. Provides high color density, optimal color gradation and perfect image sharpness. Counters related to media Displays the total amount of cumulative print area of the other media type than the above-mentioned T Display Description Unit NAME Media type Total amount of cumulative print area of roll media and cut sheet metric Total amount of cumulative print area of roll media and cut sheet inch Sq.

F F [1] When storing printed documents on the Output Stacker, set it to this position. When the upper cover close, the switches are pressed to detect the closed state of the upper cover.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000

Chapter 5 4 Using a damp cloth that you have wrung out completely, wipe inside the Top Cover to clean it. Indicates an item prohibiting disassembly to avoid electric shocks or problems.

Chapter 6 2 Multi sensor Check for normal canln.

F Put the removed ink tanks in the plastic bag with the ink supply part [1] upward and close the opening. Page 65 Chapter 1 5. Below is a listing of our top FAQ’s. Page 77 Chapter 1 4. Choose Yes to cut the roll at the current position. How to Handle the Printhead Do not open the printhead package until you are ready to install the head.


Chapter 3 5 Using a cutter or scissors, cut the vinyl cover as shown and pull it to the left and right to expose the stand connection areas. To do so, keep pinch roller [2] pressurized to ease to work of phase align- ment during gear installation. Choose Yes to have the printer print and read a band adjustment test pattern for automatic adjustment of the feed amount.

Keep the belt stopper, screw, and the hex wrench which have been removed since these are needed when moving the printer to another location later. Select either way according the number of the persons involved in installation. When the printhead is secured to the carriage, the signal contact of the head relay PCB is pressed against that of the printhead to convey print signals.

Printer Electrical System Chapter 2 2. The job preservation was executed when the permanent preservation area of the hard disk private box has already preserved one-hundred jobs.

Graphic Matte Canvas, 60″ Roll This pH neutral polyester blend canvas has a bright white, matte finish surface. F Do not place or transport the printer with load placed only at the center of the printer.

Page Chapter 2 e Subtank The subtank installed under each ink tank complements the work of the ink tank, agitating the ink in the tank. Don’t never loosen or remove the red screw, because normal operation and print can’t be done if it is loosened or removed.

Print Signal Sequence Chapter 2 2.

PC ink tank is empty Ink tank is empty.