CANUTEC. Services · Registration ALM AX (English guide) ALM AX (French guide). Canada Border Services. The following Power Point presentations are produced by CANUTEC personnel. These presentations are made available to any user / trainer. ALOHA (Areal Locations of Hazardous Atmospheres) User’s Manual. The CAMEO Transport Canada. http:// www. htm.

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Emergency Response Guidebook The first 30 minutes of a hazmat transportation accident are the most critical.

Dangerous Goods Information Links

To perform the Advanced search: Then move from tab to tab to view the results. To search for an ID number, enter the 4-digit number without the letters UN for example: In Mexico, call SCT at When you perform a search from within a tab, the search is actually performed within the information listed under that tab.

Click this tab to see the results of a Search or to see the ID Number Index yellow list or the Name of Material Guode blue list depending on which toolbar icon was clicked Yellow or Blue book icon.

In order to utilize the functionality of the Emergency Response Guidebooktwo methods of access canitec provided.

Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) – NASTTPO

If there is an entry in the Search box or in the Advanced Search, you will only see the list of specific Guide Pages for that Search. Select the desired placard or silhouette page by clicking the smaller image at the bottom right. Resources, exercises, and preparedness and response drills that help improve safety and response times.


If the Guide page was selected by double-clicking a product from an index or search results, the Name of the selected Material with its ID Number will appear in plain text below the Guide title. It remains available until deleted by the user.

Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)

An item can be deleted by right-clicking the item and by selecting the delete button that appears. We help Responders respond.

All of these have mouse-over tool tips to indicate what they represent and help guide you in the use of the Emergency Response Guide Placards Click this tab, or the three specific toolbar icons, to access the Placards, as well as the Rail Car and the Road Trailer silhouettes.

To search for a material name, simply enter the letters in the Search box. Registration applies to shippers that wish to use our emergency telephone number on shipping documents.

The first 30 minutes of a hazmat transportation accident are the most critical. Double-clicking a CWA produces the same behaviour as clicking the material in the indexes. FAQs about exposure to hazardous substances and the effects of exposure on human health. When you close and reuse canufec program, it will restart with your originally set default language choice.


Name of Material Index or blue book icon toolbar button: Displays the full list of materials or Emergency Response Guides. Ethanol Emergency Response Coalition Training Guide to help prepare ethanol producers, transporters and first responders for ethanol-related emergencies. All items can be removed by right-clicking the word History at the top of the list.

Dangerous Goods Information Links | CIFFA

A search in the Search box can also be performed from any tab when the background colour of that box is white. The pertinent Guide page for each toxic gas generated can guidee accessed by double-clicking the name of the gas located in this white box.

A Safety Awareness course to help local emergency responders manage railway incidents. Select any one of the Guides by clicking guise Guide Number in the left column.

The Guide Page orange section for each material is also accessible by double-clicking an item. Information provided by the ESS is obtained from several sources, including our expansive collection of Safety Data Sheets SDSinformation databases, emergency contacts, and medical and chemical specialists.

For a Polymerisation Hazard a dialog box with a warning appears. All other parts of ERGO are accessible from here by clicking on the pertinent section title.