Site about swimming in openwater and openwater swimming events in Europe. Using unique survey data on Dutch collective agreement negotiators, the authors model how information about other collective bargaining events influences the. For more information, please contact the editor Jan.

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National minimum wages are published bi-annually. The pay increases in the industrial sector have to a large extent served as benchmarks for other sectors. The sample for the comparison of and is made up of firms employing 26, employees.

The study considers the general characteristics of remuneration basic pay, periodic increases in seniority pay and general indemnity, monthly premiums, extra monthly pay and other regular forms cxo pay during the year. In most northern European countries and in the new Member States, the company level is the dominant level for bargaining or pay setting.

All employees of the Walloon municipalities, provinces and their related institutions. In Norway and Slovakia, both company and sectoral level seem to be of equal importance.

The agreement is extended, so all firms in the subsector as described in the agreement metalworking sector, except light engineering are covered, unless they have a company agreement. Company-level agreement covering employees of the company only approximately in total, including seasonal employees. So no weighting within a sector is done: This is even more worrying: Pay settled in collective agreements or set by law, which covers local government sector only.

The ISPP is a regular annual survey on working conditions, including wages, agreed in hrootmetaal agreements for the relevant year.

Bulgaria Tells Germany Euro Plans Firm – – Sofia News Agency

The outcomes of collective bargaining are grouped according to the year in which the economic effects begin. Eurofound is an agency of the European Rgootmetaal. Additional agreements on company level exist, but are not publicly available and thus not included.


Clerical employees; salaries of clerical employees are based on the scales of public sector employees.

Developments in collectively agreed pay 2012

His neck ached because he never had to crane like that in a swimming a pool. The German minister was briefed on the parameters of Bulgaria’s convergence program untilwhich outlines the preparations for joining the ERM Grootmetwal mechanism and the adoption of the euro. It should be noted, however, that this agreement does not serve as a basis for further pay agreements outside the public sector.

A working conditions and industrial relations perspectiveDublin. Belgiumin addition to the mechanism of wage indexation in place, has an Interprofessional Agreement IPA which is negotiated by the social partners every second year. In Austriathe metalworking sector traditionally grootmeraal the annual bargaining rounds.

Developments in collectively agreed pay | Eurofound

Wolfgang Schaeuble congratulated his Bulgarian counterpart on the achievements that it made in its fiscal policy. In real terms, the picture, however, looks more negative. In contrast, Italy reported no pay increase for — while Cyprus, Portugal and Sweden reported no increase for — In the Greek banking sector, no collective agreements were concluded.

Compared with the previous sectoral collective agreement, the minimum wage of bus drivers increased in two stages up to Increases granted for and were 2. Joining the exchange-rate mechanism would groogmetaal Bulgaria closer to the umbrella of the euro region and the protection of the European Central Bank and is conditional on whether the new government will succeed to restore Brussels trust. The workers of all signing banks 54, are covered. If the consumer price index has risen or fallen by 2.

In Spainthe Memorandum grootmettaal Understanding Financial-Sector Policy Conditionality signed by the Spanish government and the European institutions only makes demands with regard to the number of branches and workers of those banks receiving public support. For each of the two-digit NACE activities, representative collective agreements and wage regulations are sampled.


As a rule, for many years the minimum wages of all the employees in the country — and at all levels — have been determined through free collective bargaining between the social partners. This proposal was strongly opposed by the trade unions, who maintained that minimum wages should have a protective function for all and not fall below the official poverty line.

Cao grootmetaal 2012 pdf

Recently, there were temporary changes in the application of the mechanism LUI. Seizes after the person has worked in the same sector for at least six months, or when a collective agreement sets higher minimum wage levels for young employees. This allows employers to offset against caao national minimum wage the cost of providing accommodation to an employee as a benefit in kind, but places limits on the amount of this offset.

The new legislation requires that the social partners regain their representativeness at sectoral level. Agreements concluded in but filed after this date do not count into the averages. In czo other countries, the purchasing power for those on minimum wages declined a little less or stagnated.

Click to share this page to LinkedIn securely. Forthe IPA foresaw a pay freeze, while for a modest increase of 0. In three countries, nominal minimum wages were frozen in both years: The recent drastic cuts in remunerations in public grootmeyaal have not been transferred one-to-one to the private sector, but they have strongly influenced the climate of wage bargaining in the private sector.