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It seems that little she did actually made much material or physical or medical difference to the poor. Despite the millions of dollars christophdr to her organization, she actively stood in the way of high-quality healthcare for her clinics, and kept them poor and struggling to treat those in need in interest of ascetic soul-strengthening.

Those fi This is an ambitious attempt at iconoclasm from a world-class iconoclast that is absolutely undone by the author’s style of writing. Hitchens is to atheist science-ists what C. Daniel Saleh I kinda feel you may have gone into this book with a predetermined view on the author?

The Missionary Position – Wikidata

Emerman was vilified in some quarters for her opposition to the great saint, but to the disabled community she was a hero. View all 4 comments. Return it to those who worked for it and earned it! He has taken ‘pot shots’ at quite a few well known people over the years and I always wonder whether he did this for the shock value.

It it she says that Keating christopheg always been kind and generous to God’s poor” and asks the judge “to do psizione Jesus would do.

Hitchens also quotes a response from one of the prosecutors in the case, in which he informed Mother Teresa that Keating had given her stolen funds and asked that she return the money to the rightful owners. To make matters worse, as Hitchens points out, she was more or less upfront with these contemptible beliefs from the beginning; but for some reason the media has refused to look at her in any sort of critical way. A senior member of staff mixed medicine with her hands.


It never seemed to me that her nuns claimed to be nurses and so obviously wouldn’t have had the skills needed in her hospitals. Aroup Chatterjee, where he took apart the myth of this modern day saint with great precision.

Shields was a sister in the Missionaries of Charity. Beggars belief how this lady got the Nobel Prize or was not posisione to poizione India and shut down her Missionaries of ‘Dying’.

This is a small episode in an unending argument between those who know they are right and therefore claim the mandate of heaven, and those who suspect that the human race has nothing but the poor candle of reason by which to light its way.

The rest is interesting too but I had the impression the book had no “order”, there wasn’t a real logic to follow from the start to the end.

The decision not to do so, and indeed to run instead a haphazard and cranky institution which would expose itself to litigation and protests were it run by any branch of the medical profession, is a deliberate one.

What has Mother Teresa done to empower the people of Calcutta, to educate them and to prevent them from dying in the streets?

The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice by Christopher Hitchens

No money even for soap and diapers? My initial impression was of all the missoonaria and footage I’ve ever seen of Belsen and places like that, because all the patients had shaved heads. Hitchens’s main charges against her can be grouped into three broad categories: She does seem to have been very consistent on those issues, although Hitchens’ critique of her position suffers from the false assumptions that almost always intrude on the arguments of those who countenance abortion.

I told her that she won’t like it, but she is curious to see what hutchens say about Mother Teresa and her charity work.


La posizione della missionaria

While she certainly held some political proclivities that I wouldn’t agree with, I’m not sure how valid it is to criticize Theresa for photo ops with Reagan and Thatcher. Also, I am certain many poor people pksizione have died alone, without any comfort or companionship, if it had not been for the ministrations of Mother and her sisters. So in taking a closer look at what Hitchens did write, let us not be deterred by the fear of attacking an icon. My only quibble is at pages with a large dellw, it is quite a bit shorter than I was expecting.

Robin Fox, who in was editor of The Lancet and who reported his findings in that journal in an missionsria entitled “Mother Theresa’s Care for the Dying” September 17, He is out to discredit the saintly mmissionaria built up over the years by the international press and the Catholic church, and he is not going to do it gently: The fact is, though, that those who need to read the book are probably the least likely to read it simply because of the fact that it was written by Hitchens and is immediately suspect.

Today Mother Teresa was elevated to sainthood by Pope Francis. If Mother Teresa is the adored object of many credulous and uncritical observers, then the blame is not hers, or hers alone.

Christopher Hitchens

It seems people defend her without wanting to know. It’s hard for me to get past that early doctrinisation. This book made me think about a lot of things and raised a lot of questions.

Despite the millions of dollars donated to her organization, she actively stood in the way of high-quality healt Hitchens has turned his humbuggery on little old nuns.