CSAE is a financial control audit developed in conjunction with the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. Previously the. The CSAE type 2 Audit was developed by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. Certification is accreditation at the highest level in Canada. Also known as CSAE or SSAE 18 SOC reports, they provide independent assurance on controls for financial processes that have been outsourced to a.

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Each Industry has unique nuances when it comes to debt collection. However, 34116 December 15, approaches, there has been an outpouring of information about CSAE Many clients consider PCR to be an extension of their critical back office.

As with the international standard, SSAE 16 was effective for periods ending on or after June 15, with earlier implementation being permitted.

The standard was published in Decemberto be effective for periods ending after June 15, earlier implementation was permitted. But cae is now changing. PCR is a low-risk collection agency with teams of professional collectors, with a fsae knowledge base of different industries.

Recommended Substantive Law International issues International law. PCR cross trains our collectors to steadily expand their knowledge base to take advantage of these nuances and in turn, higher recoveries.

PCR prefers to csaw matters in a businesslike manner and respects your time. Our collectors are trained to spot contract weaknesses and strengths that can be leveraged to finalize a quicker recovery.


Our collectors have common sense backed with extensive knowledge and know when to dip into our extensive back end support. Although the Basis for Conclusions document identified three areas where amendments were made to SSAE 16 in finalizing the Canadian standard, e.

Like every client each account is unique. Third party assurance 34116 relate to the control objectives and controls established by a service provider, i.

Cover-All – CSAE

Ontario Bulk Sales Act. This ensures our systems and controls are suitably designed and fairly represented to meet specific control objectives. PCR collectors understand credit contracts or agreements. Future of Credit Management. CSAE does not represent a radical overhaul of the standards for third party attestation engagements. This requires management to state, in the case of a Type 1 report, that the controls are fairly presented and suitably designed and in the case of a Type 2 report, that the controls are fairly presented, suitably designed and operating effectively to achieve the identified control objectives.

We understand that some people work different shifts and need a way to deal with their commitment outside of regular business hours.

CSAE Type 2 Audit Certification|Canada

PCR has a solid core of seasoned collection professionals. Judicial Decisions Substantive Law: PCR is one of the largest commercial collection agencies in Canada.


Instead, it wanted to provide service providers with 34116 alternative to issuing multiple reports under varying local standards.

The Chartered Accountants Type 2 Report includes: Third party assurance reports have become an integral part of outsourcing transactions: Subscribe to Slaw All Slaw posts: Third Party Assurance Reporting Third party assurance reports relate to the control objectives and controls established by a service provider, i. Enter your Email Address.

Third Party Assurance

You will find different sections to respond to a notice. We also do credit investigations and offer preventative credit services, pre-collections and of course contingency collections.

In such situations, service organizations are often subjected to audits of 33416 processes. In the intervening years, it had arguably become the gold standard for audits of internal controls at a service provider.

Publishing Miscellaneous Practice of Law. In preparing the third party assurance report, the auditor retained by the service provider will audit the controls in place at the service provider to obtain reasonable assurance about whether: For many years, in the absence of an international standard for assurance engagements, service providers were forced to offer international customers reports done according to the U.