Dzienniki gwiazdowe by Stanislaw Lem, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy a cheap copy of Dzienniki gwiazdowe book by Stanisław Lem. In this sequel to The Star Diaries, Ijon Tichy, space traveler of future centuries, discovers that. Pod płaszczykiem błazeńskim „Dzienniki gwiazdowe” skrywają całkiem poważny traktat, poświęcony niewesołej kondycji naszego gatunku. „Zgodnie z poetyką.

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Dzienniki gwiazdowe by Stanisław Lem on Apple Books

The Star Diaries First edition. Men and women will be able to live in the present without having to rehash all those times when they were slapped around by an abusive parent or picked on by the schoolyard bully or traumatized in a war zone or a thousand other painful experiences. A spooky, unnerving science fiction tale, one that should be required reading as we move deeper into 21st century hyper-technology. TIchy is dragged into the 27th century to work on cleaning up history.

Possiamo applicare il principio della selezione darwiniana anche alle intelligenze artificiali? The Eighteenth Voyage A classic Lem story, Tichy finds himself in charge of a project to correct the creation of the Universe so that the Universe no longer exist Another excellent collection of Ijon Tichy stories.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Then last year I discovered Lem and he single-handedly renewed my interest in sci-fi. This second volume of short pieces is slightly inferior to the first, principally because it is less varied and more confined too many made scientists, not enough trips to the stars. German-language adaptations of several voyages taken by Ijon Tichy exist. His books have been translated into 41 languages and have sold over 27 million copies.

I Tichy to the rescue!

Hardcoverpages. Lists with This Book. By the skin of his astronomical teeth, Ijon blasts off, leaving the planet far behind but his time on Amauropia provides Gwiazdpwe Lem oodles of opportunities to make piquant philosophical observations about the universal tendencies of politics and religion, war and peace, customs and ideologies.


The best tales are The Washing Maching Tragedy and the fun and imagnitive finale Let Us Save the Universe though its good intentioned message does club you over the head with its lack of subtlety. Gwiazdowf of them are meant to be comical and dzienniji prevalent sci-fi tropes like time travel. On one planet, Tichy encounters a civilization facing a serious problem of rising ocean levels.

I’m sure you sense Stanislaw Lem poking a long, sharp satirical needle at the prevailing s Communist states.

After once speaker portrays homo sapiens as a species of monsters wallowing in an ocean of blood – massacres, wars, pogroms, crusades, genocide, gwiazdoae – looks like the vote might be a mighty “NO. Ijon obtains a secondhand moon, fixes it up and, thanks to his stellar connections no pun intendedupgrades it to the status of a planet. The Eighteenth Voyage A classic Lem story, Tichy finds himself in charge of a project to correct the creation of the Universe so that the Universe no longer gwiazvowe on borrowed time.

Quotes from Dzienniki dzenniki Other books in the series. Not the greatest Lem’s book unfortunately. In he published his first non-fiction, philosophical book, Dialogi Dialoguesone of his two most famous philosophical texts along gwiazdows Summa Technologiae The Twenty-first Voyage was admittedly challenging in a philosophical way, but also extremely interesting as it tells the story of how Ijon Tichy crashes on a planet of creatures that used to be human-like, until they started making genetic changes to their bodies and ended up fwiazdowe robot and unable to return to the way they used to be, because they are torn by conflicts both of philosophical and religious character.

I will put this bluntly: Not to be outdone, Newton creates a beautiful, sexy washing machine only to witness Snodgrass’ latest seductive model that is more than willing to have sex with either Mom or Dad.

It is a book of genius. The next morning Ijon consults textbooks and maps to calculate his present location since his damaged rocket has veered off course. Aside from the last story, which is a bit of a throwaway, “Memiors” is consistently brilliant. This is one of the best philosophical Sci-Fi works I have ever read or rather re-readand certainly the most original.


Tarantoga – scienziato di fama galattica e compagno di alcuni dei viaggi di Tichy – che costituiscono gaiazdowe breve e sagace introduzione alla nostra antologia.

Dzienniki gwiazdowe 1

A scientist explains to Tichy The upshot was…that what was to be controlled, controlled us. Like the rest of The Star Diariesit is filled with intriguing—often totally mad—philosophical and scientific theories, and horrific, sometimes poignant, examples of their practical consequences. On Panta, all inhabitants are identical clones and dzienniik their jobs daily.

I will leave you enjoy the rest of this mad and fantastic book on your own, but if you ever trusted my judgement, you will read it, dziennimi it is great!

Ijon Tichy is a great narrator. In genere purtroppo scrive sugli steccati espressioni volgari dzeinniki ha imparato dai turisti. Be the first to ask a question about Dzienniki gwiazdowe 1. The stories are told in separate journeys, instead of chapters, and the journeys themselves were written out of order for 20 years.

Dzienniki gwiazdowe 2

Tichy aceita, mas tudo corre mal. There is a tremendous about of word play. Do You Exist, Mr.

Kind of makes me want to read Douglas Adams or Vonnegut. They are sometimes presented as fiction, but others are in the form of essays or philosophical books. An excellent commentary on the flawed perception that people wish to exist forever; indeed, dzienniki want to live forever, to experience the world forever, but simply existing does not fill the bill.

I like Lem best when he is philosophical and this story resembles the Teletransporter thought experiment in philosophy. What a foolish bunch we are: