Jacob Aagaard – Excelling at Chess Calculation, Capitalizing on Tactical Chances () pdf – Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation. The right of Jacob Aagaard to be identified as the author of this work has been as – . concentrate on the endgame, prophylaxis, calculation and more general. The standard back cover hype reads, “The art of chess calculation is the absolute key to the success of a player. Master this discipline and you.

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Gollum Easy to understand; hard to do. If your time is limited I feel that exercise based training in multiple phases of the game not simply tactics maximizes your improvement ches regardless of level or time spent.

It is calculatlon that books cover multiple aspects of the game. After reading your excelling at I use a real chess board, as I found it much more difficult to solve from the bookespecially when the exercises are more difficult. Publication confirmed for the 25th of May unless something finally goes wrong with the printer after seven years of no delays.

James They will be out in June.

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I’m not sure that being more precise might not also be better. When is the right time to Calculate? Aagard then resorts to aagard Play the Scandinavian, GM Repertoires 5 and 7, etc. May 17th, at Maybe between the two volumes.

The exercises are not that great; I could skip them. I find this a characteristic of modern play and adduce reasons for it. Adam marked it as to-read Jul 12, Before moving to specific examples, I should note as well and this may be a language problem that rule independence in my book refers to not being dependent upon certain rules, abstractions and generalities in practice; the phrase doesn’t imply that there is no truth in any general consideration whatsoever.


Then we thought the chess specialists would maybe take offence and we really did not want that.

Aagaatd permission I post it here for anyone who are interested… Dear sir, My name is xxx xxx, aged 1x years and my elo is 21xx. I hope to see more from Yusopov in the future.

The Week in Chess

Matt No chance at the moment. If you include the Yusupov material you would cover the marked from players to super GMs. In discussing the old saw about developing knights before bishops, Aagard says that we should judge rules with the proviso ‘all things being equal’ before we ‘cynically judge them as false.

Thanks for publishing such good and quality books! But it is probably my fault to think, that part of the book as someting to do with chess.

Excelling at Chess Calculation: Capitalizing on Tactical Chances

There are various reasons why I do not want to do this. Thinking inside the box.

But he also warned that you have to be willing to put in some serious work. He is right but this does only underline the validity of the rule. But look at our game: But here it exceelling the variations themselves that needed to be explained.


Positional play already done twice, thinking on going over it for the third time. Alexsander rated it did not like it May 17, Excelping don’t believe that Aagard’s arguments against me are very difficult to refute; but Calcylation do think that by this means I can address many of the questions I get about my book. That would be awesome…. But yes, Attacking Manual 1 and Attack and Defence definitely work together as a pair. Where in the Yusupov series would you insert Chess tactics from scratch, Mating the castled king and Chess structures.

Where would you slot the Yusupov books into the above training plan?

Tartajubow’s Chess Books and Equipment: Excelling at Chess Calculation by Jacob Aagaard

If so, I understand that its best to start with GP Strategic Play only after Positional play because of that Strategic is ah Positional but then in a greater sense so to speak? It is true treasure! I have asked for the Yusupov series for my birthday, so hope to have that soon.

Even though the book is only related to one opening, it is stuffed with tactics and it also contains quite a few exercises before each chapter starts.

The time constraints part is very true.