Format Ddst – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Fill Formulir Ddst Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax Not the form you were looking for? Search By Safarotul Hidayah in FORMULIR DDST II. The calculated percentiles for each item were used in graphing the DDST-SL in the same format as DDST-II. Each item/milestone is represented by a bar.

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Format ddst pdf Located in a residential area, the home has a pool and decent size yard for Jordyn to play in. According to her mother Jordyn was able to accomplish this at three months of age.

Format DDST

During the testing it was seen forrmat Jordyn is able to roll from her back to stomach. Another test that was performed was Pass Cube, this test in order to pass the child had to pass a block form one hand to the other. Jordyn is quite the talker as soon people were present she started verbalizing, oohing, and aahing. Following to Midline, Past Midline and degrees all were passed by Jordyn.

All of these results were explained to Cassandra, the mother. Having three consecutive failures in a section we moved to testing Jordyn in the Fine Motor — Adaptive section. Another test that was performed to test her development in the fine motor adaptation was placing a raisin dddst the table and seeing if Jordyn would clearly look at the object.


Posted by Jennifer R. Formt mother stated that this milestone was accomplished just before six months. Upon placing a toy on a chair in front of Jordyn she was unable to pull herself to a standing position to obtain the toy.

In passing the block the child is not allowed to use his body, mouth, or the table that is there. Her favorite toy was then placed in front of her, just out of immediate reach. This was accomplished at five months of age for Jordyn.

When leaving after spending the afternoon with Jordyn and Cassandra upon waving to Jordyn and saying bye — bye she just smiled and got giddy but no attempt to wave was made. Her weight was Jordyn was able to pass all of the blocks on the left side of her vertical growth line.


She is still not able to place a block in the ddsr, even after her mother demonstrated for Jordyn. With these new steps in growth Cassandra should start enforcing safety measures that will reduce the likely hood of Jordyn becoming injured. Based off of the all the information obtained Jordyn has been proven to be a beautiful and healthy infant.

Denver II Training Manual. During the test she never spoke the words mama or dad but when Cassandra was asked if she used the words specifically with them Cassandra stated that her daughter does.


Format ddst pdf

Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The DDST is a wonderful way to be dddst to see where a child measures in the norms of other children on the developmental scale.

These tasks are much more of a challenge and not appropriate for her age as of now. When her mother was asked whether Jordyn played any clapping games, it was reported that she does not.

About Me Jennifer R. It is important to have these regular visits so that her vaccines can be given within an appropriate amount of time, growth, weight, and developmental status can be monitored as deemed necessary. She was able to pass all of these tests until the Thumb — Finger Grasp was attempted, she can pick up the raisin.

The results of this Denver II Screening show that Jordyn is within the normal and appropriate developmental growth for her age Archer et al, Those who were in the room during the testing included: Her head circumference was Having not failed any of the tasks to the left of her age line, Jordyn is growing developmentally appropriately for her age group Archer, et al