The Command of the Air is the greatest military treatise on air war ever written – a dogmatic manifesto promising victory through strategic. The Italian General Giulio Douhet reigns as one of the twentieth century’s foremost strategic air power theorists. As such scholars as Raymond Flugel have . Reprinted in by the Office of Air Force History. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Douhet, Giulio, The command of the air.

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In his book Douhet argued that air power was revolutionary because it operated in the third dimension.

Giulio Douhet – Wikipedia

Thank You for Your Contribution! Internet URLs are the best. Keep Exploring Britannica September 11 attacks. Navies were restricted to the sea and slowed by the heavy medium of water. The War of 19— pp. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. This would unravel the social basis of resistance, and pressure citizens into asking their governments to surrender.

Meilinger, The Paths of Heaven: The Paths Of Heaven: Contact Contact Us Help. Douhet wrote a report on the aviation lessons learned in which he suggested high altitude bombing should be the primary role of aircraft.

In fact, there is considerable evidence to show the bombings did nothing goulio antagonize the German people, galvanizing them to work harder for their country, and the final defeat of Germany was not achieved until virtually the entire country had been occupied by Allied land forces.

His severe criticism of the conduct of the war resulted in his court-martial, imprisonment, and retirement. Additionally, the numbers of guns needed to cover every potential target made this form of defence enormously expensive.

In late July and early August ot, the great powers of Europe embarked on a course of action that would claim millions of lives, topple empires, reshape the political structure of the continent, and contribute to an even more destructive conflict a generation later.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As soon as one side lost command of the air it would capitulate rather than face the terrors of air attack. This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat His calculations for the amount of bombs and poison gas required to destroy doihet city were ludicrously optimistic. But investigation of the Italian defeat at Caporetto in justified his criticisms; his conviction was reversed, and he was appointed head of the aviation service.

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of More than 70 years on, many of his predictions have failed to come true, but some of his concepts gaining command of the air, terror bombing and attacking vital centers continue to underpin air power theory to this day.

Views Read Edit View history. Bashar al-Assad, gkulio an unprecedented challenge to its…. World War II would prove many of his predictions to be wrong, particularly on the vulnerability of public morale to bombing. Known at the time as the Great…. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Then, indeed, the bomber got through. What defence was possible against the destruction of cities by aerial bombing? Rome, historic city and capital of Roma provincia provinceof Lazio regione regionand of the country of Italy.

Giulio Douhet

He harboured an apocalyptic vision of the war to come: His whole conception of air war rests on the assumption that the bomber will always get through, douhett that the damage it can then biulio will crush the resistance.

In “Rivista Aeuronautica” in Julyhe wrote that he believed that tons of bombs over the most important cities would end a war in less than a month. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Operations of June 17 pp. Targeting was central to this strategy and he believed that air commanders would prove themselves by their choice of targets. Douhet believed in the morale effects of bombing. By comkand this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Kohn, Book Published by: The Material Preparation—Germany pp.

Because bombing would be so terrible, Douhet believed that wars would be short. The Aerial Battle pp. Except for a few months as the head of aviation in Mussolini’s government inDouhet spent giuulio of the rest of his life theorizing about the impact of military air power. The New Form douuhet War pp. Controversial though his ideas were, many were adopted, in part at least, by the major powers before and during World War II.

Assigned to the General Staff shortly after the beginning of the new century, Douhet published lectures on military mechanization. If the defence has proved more innovative and resilient than Douhet envisaged, the threat is real enough, and millions have indeed perished since in the holocausts of aerial destruction predicted in The Command of the Air.

Though the initial response to The Command of the Air was muted, the second edition generated virulent attacks from his military peers, particularly those in the navy and army. The capital of an ancient republic and….

Giulio Douhet | Italian general |

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