Hitachi Bread Machine Replacement Paddle Fits HB-B HB-B HB-B Hitachi Bread Maker Machine Pan Seal for HB-B HB-B HB-B Read all instructions. Use Home Bakery as described in this manual. 2. Do not touch hot surface. Use handles. 3. Close supervision is necessary when Home. Looking for info on the Hitachi HB-B Bread Machine? We take a close look at this model in our latest review, so click here for all the details!.

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Would you mind scanning and emailing to me? Does anyone know where I can call for repairs??

Recipe for a Hitachi HB-B101 Bread Machine

Skip hitaxhi main content. I just got the machine at an estate sale. Then try to download it again. I put all the ingredients in the pan, but when I pressed start — nothing. Good clean condition with some light s Is sems as if you should be able to see the bread kneading.

On the other hand, the bread I made recently, when the chopped dates I added disappeared completely, still tasted pretty good. The bread come out delicious! I have the same problem, but the recipe is on the side of the machine and it is surprising to see it isn’t the same as Mike’s! My bread machine instructs to add the wet ingredients to the pan first.


Hitachi HB-B Bread Maker Recipe Book | ThriftyFun

I also need the mixing blade for HB-B I was thrilled to get my machine up and running again! From the Hitachi Website US portal… hitcahi You will find one result that has 14 responses. Pacific Coast Parts Attn.: Press the “start” button.

This page was last updated: I have the complete set of manuals.

I have an Hitachi HB-B plus the instruction manual that came with it from a thrift shop. Enjoy and happy baking. Mo Zainul May 12, at 3: I have a Hitachi HB-B bread machine and I have lost my recipe gitachi and all I need is the one recipe that makes the white bread.

Bert January 6, at 5: I especially like all of the cute anthropomorphized bread maker images in the manual. I found that my machine beeps at hb-b1011 I removed the screws and was able to get control board out. Here is a link for the complete manual for the Hitachi HB-B Pulley is in good shape. If you are in search of something.

Hitachi Bread Machines

Lots of life left. Add yeast to water and mix with fork, let sit for 5 minutes. A lot of people us included were getting an Error message blinking E until we figured this out.

Dough mode is fun for pizzas too …. I got mine at the Salvation Army store — it was like new. Donny, please email me a copy of the manual. Would appreciate a reply. Ed Hitacbi will buy used one if you no longer use your machine? Can you believe, NOW when I need the rubber gasket that goes on the pin that turns the blade, they are no longer available!!



I have the HBB, for over 15 years. This book has info about using different machines and oh the recipes she’s put into this book. Hi Bruce, I cannot find the recipe book that comes with this machine.

I have the manual but I did not have the measuring cup or spoon so the manual was useless to me because it gives no measurements! Power was on, and the timer buttons worked, just no start. Put water, yeast, and oil into bin, add dry ingredients. By 3hardts [1 Comment]. Wound up with a frozen shaft. Susanna November 4, at 8: Dhaliwal April 25, at 7: The instructions that came with it are in english for HB-B but the buttons shown on the machine and the buttons shown in the pictures in the book are nothing alike.

Liz January 12, at Ed Nicolay January 23, at 2: