Hugo Münsterberg was a psychologist and author of one of the first works of film theory, The Photoplay. Allan Langdale teaches in the Film Studies and Art. Those with more than a passing interest in film studies may have encountered aspects of Münsterberg’s theory of the cinema in film history texts (such as David . Hugo Münsterberg was a German-American psychologist. He was one of the pioneers in applied psychology.

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They have usually been drawn into the current of a particular vocation, and have given too much energy to the preparation for a specific achievement to change the whole life-plan once more.

McKeachie Theodore H. Fox Robert J. McVicker Hunt Umnsterberg F. He exposed it for the students to view for only five seconds, and then asked them how many black dots that they thought were on the sheet.

Hugo Münsterberg

As well as suggesting that women should not be allowed to serve on juries because they were ” In the same year he married a distant cousin, Selma Oppler of Strassburgon August 7.

Both his mother and his father died before he was 20 years old. Moreover, such mere inclinations and interests cannot determine the true psychological fitness for a vocation.


Goodheart Melba J. The entire scheme of education gives to the individual little chance to find himself. Though he firmly believed that women should receive where possible, a higher education, he felt that graduate studies were too difficult and demanding for them.

Psychology and Theoryy Efficiency. While at Freiburg he started a psychology laboratory and began publishing papers on a number of topics including attentional processes, memory, learning, and perception.

He asked them, “without any theoretical introduction, at the beginning of an ordinary lecture, to write down careful answers to a number of questions referring to that which they would see or hear”, and urged them “to do it as conscientiously huog carefully as possible. Miller Paul E. When he was 12, his mother died. There were also threats against his life.

Hugo Münsterberg – Wikipedia

He defined psychotherapy as “the practice of treating the sick by influencing the mental life Houghton Mifflin Company, Part of the responsibilities he assumed as part of his new position at Harvard was that he became the supervisor of the psychology graduate students, in this position directed their dissertation munsterbfrg.

The lawyer and the judge and the juryman are sure that they do not need the experimental psychologist. Dis Adam and Eve Have Navels?: A mere interest for one or another subject in school is influenced by many accidental circumstances, by the personality of the teacher or the methods of instruction, by suggestions of the surroundings and by home traditions, and accordingly even such a preference gives rather a slight final indication of the individual mental qualities.


The four sons remained close, and all of them became successful in their careers. Psychotherapythe book he authored in regard to his investigations of matters of the mind.

Tyler Albert Bandura Donald T. Cambridge, MassachusettsU. As a result, he had a nunsterberg influence of many students including Mary Whiton Calkins. Contributions made by the students of Hugo Munsterberg”. Kazdin James H. Bray Carol D.

In he was appointed exchange professor from Harvard to the University of Berlin. Moffat, Yard and Company. Because one’s memory is affected by the associations, judgments, and suggestions that penetrate into every one of one’s observations and taint out memory and our munzterberg of events. Bersoff Nadine Kaslow Barry S. He also applied psychological principles to the field of clinical psychology attempting to help those who are ill through a variety of different treatments.