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Introducing Arabic children literature is also one of them.

On the other hand, a deep sense of discomfort and discouragement cannot be avoided nor ignored. Likewise, a proper training can be applied only after one has already mastered the language and not while still struggling with it.

U ime Allaha milostivog samilosnog!

His works, 16 of them, were published in numerous editions, and translated from English and Arabic by nine translators! The most translated authors are Khalil Jubran 32 times, repeated editions includedAmin Maaluf 10 times, repeated editions includedAlbert Cossery 3 timesand Fatima Mernissi9 3 times, repeated editions included. His most famous work, The Prophet was published 14 times during 16 years and each print run was rarely less than copies.

Da, naravno Mozda, al nisam siguran Ne, i kajiim ne Ne bih odgovorio pollcode. A total of translated single volume literary works were published in kajjom period and only 19 of which were translated from Arabic, i.

Chart 1 consists zajlubljenih the data excerpted from the relevant statistics published in the Bulletins of the Serbian Republic Institute for Statistics cf. The figures are based on the records obtained from the electronic data base of the National Library of Serbia cf.

Uvoenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim – [PDF Document]

Single volume religious Inits presence was That is why we shall only refer to most striking problems. For example, Serbian publishers often choose to print books in Latin letters so that they could sell it in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


It is safe to say that these sad circumstances had deferred the expected progress in every field of the profession. Literature and it encompasses oajjim period from till At that time, young pioneers had published first of their many excellent translations, feeling the urgent need to introduce local readers to both classic and modern Arabic literature and culture.

Since Chart 3 covered periodnow we shall only compare that period to see how Arabic literature stands in Serbia among other literatures. Bosniacks represent majority in the area called Sanjaq, south-west Serbia. For example, it would be interesting to know: The chart covers all of zaljubkjenih published single volume Arabic literary translations in the past two decades.

Uvodjenje Zaljubljenih U Vrt Ljubavi

That is why we have to conclude that organizing at 12 Dragana Kujovic, who transferred from Sarajevo to the Belgrade Department of Arabic language and literature because of the civil war, had begun translating after she left again, this time for Montenegro, where she works as uvodhenje scientific consultant in Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The existing three year gap is probably the result of the authority shift between the two institutions. As for the short story, it was only occasionally published in specialized periodicals and that data was not included in this part of our research. ibj

Tirmizijina zbirka hadisa sa komentarom. Unfortunately, those are exactly the translations that are not present in the used data bases, thus they were not included in the chart. Considering all the circumstances, we must be pleased with the accomplishments since the working conditions for Arabic translators were more than difficult.

Among them, literary translations encompass 50 titles, i. First of all, we can see that the period from till was the worst regarding the publishing of the translations, which is not much of a surprise considering the circumstances in the country.


Electronic data base of National Library of Serbia: Po pitanju stvaranja Adema a. Remember me on this computer. El-Kelimeh, Novi Pazar: Nowadays, Politika and sometimes Vecernje novosti daily newspaper Evening news occasionaly publish short articles, interviews and reviews, all related to translated Arab authors thus helping their promotion.

That means that Arabic literature represented 0. The Prophet ; 2. Kulturni centar Islamske Republike Iran, There are only a few publishing houses in Serbia that have translation production based on clear publishing criteria, and even less those which base the criteria on artistic and other qualities of the chosen title.

In the meantime, supporting intermediary translations does not sound like such a bad idea given the circumstances. Speaking of cooperation, grants represent a very useful way of encouraging both translating and publishing. Modern period refers to the phase between early nineties till today.

It is beyond doubt that most of the local publishing companies would be more than willing to take part even in high profile translation projects if supported in the right manner.

Given the conditions of the trade scarcity of demand, rather low payments, violations of the contracts it is only reasonable that no one had even thought of trying to support their living just from freelance literary translations. The fact that the literary and other sorts of translations are not evaluated as scientific, but as professional work, should not discourage members of the Department in taking on again a much more active role in competent presenting and promoting of the Arabic literature to the Serbian public, through various scientific and professional activities.

Translations from Arabic into Serbian 5 The chart ljubaci taken from: