Bogie Bolster Suspension: The bolster rests on the bolster coil .. 2 nos. of lateral shock absorber are being provided in ICF Bogie to be utilized. Roll and it’s Prevention. ❑ Effect of roll on human body. ❖ Type of roll: UCR and LCR. ❑ Prevention not available in ICF bogie. ❑ Anti-Roll bar mechanism in LHB . ICF Bogie – Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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Ministry of Railways Railway Board. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Brake blocks are also of two types. After pressing the collar, a rear cover for the axle box is fitted. Protective Tube Upper Rubber Washer. The bolster springs are supported on a lower spring beam. However, the mass scale replacement of the rubber washers by Hytrel washers without adequate trials lead to massive failure of the axle Box housing.

The downward movement of the Axle box guide puts pressure on the oil in the lower spring seat. The bottom of the axle box guide has a guide cap with perforations so that during the downward movement of the axle guide in the lower spring seat, the oil in the dashpot rushes in the axle box guide.

Before fitting the roller bearing, an axle collar is press fitted. The reason was the axle box wing cracks. A sealing ring is placed near the washer and performs the function of a piston ring. This arrangement provides the dampening effect during the running of the coach.

  HB 2.2-2003 PDF

The anchor link is fixed to the bogie bolster and the bogie frame with the help of steel brackets welded to the bogie bolster and the bogie frame. Moreover, the load deflection characteristic of the washers were also not found to be in line with the desired specification.

The primary spring sits on the NFTC ring. They are 13 ton bogie frame and 16 ton bogie frame. A study was carried out on a major workshop on Indian Railways and it was found that the washers were having a icd more than the specified limits. This arrangement is done on all the four corners of the lower spring beam. Integral Coach Factory ICF coaches are conventional passenger coaches used on the majority of main-line trains in India. Earlier,wooden washers were used. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The lower spring seat acts as a cylinder and the axle box guide acts as a piston.

The axle box guide works as a piston in the Lower spring seat filled with oil. The collar ensures that the bearing does not move towards the center of the axle. Axle box grease is filled in the axle box housing. But botie the practices has been discontinued and an induction furnace is used to heat them before fitting on the axle.

It involves 40 meters app.


The inner section of the lower spring beam is connected to the bogie bolster with the help of an equalizing stay rod. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A polymer packing ring and a guide ring is attached with the Acetal guide bush. The correct buffer height is obtained by measuring the height of the bolster top surface from the rail level. On the top of spring seat, a polymer ring called NFTC ring sits.


ICF coaches

It is attached to the bogie frame on the outside with the help of a steel hanger. Traditionally, the ICF coaches were conventional type i. The retaining ring is made of steel and is a press fit.

The guide cap is fixed with the help of a steel circlip. The front cover is bolted by using torque wrench. The location of the bolster spring seating is marked by two circular grooves in the center. The equalizing stay rod is also hinged on both the ends with the lower spring beam as well as the bogie bolster with the help of brackets welded to the bogie bolster. bogi

Even the old type bogies are being converted bigie BMBC coaches. Retrieved from ” https: Air vent screws are fitted on the dashpot for topping of oil so that the minimum oil level is maintained at 40mm.

ICF coaches – Wikipedia

Roller bearings are used on the ICF coaches. It allows for rotation of the bogie when the coach is moving on the curves. A BSS pin is placed in the tubular section in the end portion of the lower spring beam.

This allows for the longitudinal movement of the lower spring beam. A look at the drawing of the dashpot arrangement will suggest that this problem is universal for all the coaches, whether a new coach or an old coach.