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– Pendolo Di Foucault by Umberto Eco

I know of at least one friend who loves this book and I can see why people like it. This is not an easy read. The act of his hanging actually changes the arc of the pendulum, causing it to oscillate from his neck instead of the fixed point foucaupt him.

Casaubon has a romance with a Brazilian woman named Amparo. After the initial history of the Templars, Eco forgot to add any si to subsequent lectures, so it became a tedious Mannesplaynynge of Alchimie instead. The characters can be so waifish in their design, or so helpless si the plot that they’re difficult to sympathize with, and are too often treated as morose vehicles for discovery, rather than developing organically.

The word was first mentioned to Casaubon by the policeman De Angelis.

I didn’t find the novel’s central themes that insightful or interesting. Your purchase benefits world literacy!

Il Pendolo Di Foucault – Umberto Eco

These passages are often eccentrically written, and deal in most part with Belbo’s childhood, his constant fouault of failure, and his obsession with Lorenza.

Ummberto sorry, there is only so much phantasmagoria and detail on the Templars that I can cope with. Apparently Umberto Eco has stated that the focuault of his books has to work to get the reward of a plot. Has wear to the cover and pages. Belbo mainly uses Abulafia for his personal writings the novel contains many excerpts of these, discovered by Casaubon as he goes through Abulafia’s filesbut it came equipped with a small program that can rearrange text at random.


Find Rare Books Book Value. Casaubon hides in the museum, where he was when the novel opened.

So, the book offers a very weak, uneven story that suffers from too much information, too many irrelevant narrative lines, and an unsatisfying ending. Boh, non sono neanche sicura di averlo capito. Eso los masculinos, claro. Ardenti’s disappearance, ddi his original “coded manuscript”, seem to have no other explanation.

And the greatest question of the novel: Some about the plot, but many more about the entire exercise of reading the book. I made it through I’ll start with the positive, it was well-researched. Quotes from Il pendolo di Fou Pleased with the results of the random text program, the three continue resorting to Abulafia whenever they reach a dead-end with their game.


Then they will reunite and take over the world using the power of the telluric currents to reshape the world as they see fit. Their list includes historic organizations such as the TemplarsRosicruciansPaulicians and Synarchistsbut they also invent a fictional secret society called the Tres Templi Resurgentes Equites SynarchiciLatin for “the Risen again Synarchic Knights of the Temple”.

They enter randomly selected words from the Diabolicals’ manuscripts, logical operators “What follows is not true”, “If”, “Then”, etc. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. It does draw you in to a web of conspiracy theory and on beliefs built shakily on coincidences. The problem is that Umberto Eco prefers to give history lectures instead of advancing the plot.

While in Brazil, Casaubon receives a letter from Belbo about attending a meeting of occultists.

He leaves Italy to follow her and spends a few years in Brazil. As with all prescribed texts, I can’t deny that I learned a lot.


Sign up to receive offers and updates: While Belbo seeks inner peace, Casaubon’s quest is of knowledge. DH read about 70pgs; he has since moved on to other things. On his return to Milan, Casaubon begins working as a freelance researcher. It is unclear by this point how reliable a narrator Casaubon has been, and to what extent he has been inventing, or deceived by, conspiracy theories.

Refresh and try again. Belbo is then brought out to be questioned. This book consists of predominantly two things: Belbo’s writings are a recurrent theme throughout the book.

Sign In Register Help Cart. They are to meet periodically at different locations to share sections of the Plan, gradually reconstructing the original. He feels that the disease is a divine punishment for involving himself in mysteries he should have left alone and creating a game that mocked something larger than them all.

I had to make myself slog through certain portions of this book — Eco is clearly brilliant, but needs to learn to keep a plot together. Italian correct First Edition of Foucault’s Pendulum. This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat At the appointed hour, a group of people gather around the pendulum for an arcane ritual. And I thought the endings for both Belbo and the narrator were a big let down.

Foucault’s Pendulum – Wikipedia

En definitiva, en esta obra falta literatura y sobran referencias en calidad de erudito. Wikiquote has quotations related to: I really wanted to like this book, but it really needed an editor with a thick red pen.

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