James Pennebaker, PhD, of the University of Texas at Austin, and Joshua Smyth, PhD, of Syracuse University–suggest that writing about emotions and stress. In the psychology professor James Pennebaker discovered something extraordinary, something which would inspire a generation of. Expressive writing is turbulent and unpredictable, and that is OK. The connection between expressive writing and wellness was discovered by Dr. James Pennebaker, Chair of The Pennebaker Writing Prompt (Write for 20 minutes) () Writing to Heal: A Guided Journal for Recovering from Trauma .

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The book encourages you to do the exercise in the journal itself–each chapter provides plenty of ruled space–so that you can frequently refer wriying your own work and gain insight and clarity from your own words. Through guided journal writing exercises, this book helps readers translate their traumatic, emotionally disturbing experiences into powerful writing that is clinically proven to promote recovery.

James W. Pennebaker

More of a journal workbook than a ‘real’ book, it never-the-less has an interesting structure and inclusion of helpful writing prompts. I wish he told more stories to make the point and elaborated a bit. Attractively packaged, this is certain to become a valued keepsake. In the throes of grieving, I tried to do the Writing to Heal process again, but didn’t finish.

Some studies have had disappointing results, but there is one area where the findings are more consistent and that is in the healing of wounds. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Books by James W. But there is a curious finding which suggests something else might be going on. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. What he encourages and believes in, is the power of what you write.

What does the act of committing words to paper do? They were told to let go and to include their deepest thoughts, even if they had never shared these thoughts before. I followed his ideas and I was healed from PTSD that came to me as a result of being persecuted by Muslims for converting to Christianity.


You could imagine a situation where people booked in for surgery are given expressive writing instructions in the preceding weeks, but very few studies have used clinical populations with real, surgical wounds, rather than giving healthy students artificially-induced wounds. After reading this book and participating in the creative writing exercises, it turns out that paper and pen were the best healers I could have.

So far, no one knows. James Quay rated it really liked it Nov 01, Panayiota rated it it was amazing May 30, Ed rated it it was amazing Sep 25, A lot of the same as my review for “When I Whisper Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A meta-analysis by Joanne Fratarolli from the University of California Riverside does demonstrate an effect overall, but a small one.

Beth Barry rated it really liked it May 27, I read a library copy of this book that had a disconcerting ‘scorched earth’ smell to its pages. Laura Gause rated it it was amazing Dec 18, They did this either before or after a punch biopsy on their upper arm. Husband of Ruth Pennebaker. Kavita Vedhara from the University of Nottingham and her team in New Zealand took healthy volunteers, and made them write about either a distressing event or how they spent the previous day.

The text stresses, throughout, the power for understanding and coping with difficult times that lies in storytelling, whether through fiction, dance, or art. After the first day of writing most people say that churning up the past has made them feel worse.

Writing to Heal: A Guided Journal for Recovering from Trauma & Emotional Upheaval

He found that the types of words people used changed over the course of the four sessions. Debe Wilson rated it really liked it Mar 08, This book helped me get through some tough times growing up and I recommend it to anyone who has dealt with trauma or depression.

The second half of this book is a six-week intensive writing to heal thing, but it looks really cool so I’m going to try it this summer when I have more time. But then Pennebaker began looking in detail at the language people tto in their writing.


For a complete review: The wound is typically 4mm across and heals within a couple of weeks. Perhaps its own version of PTSD?

Preview — Writing to Heal by James W. Jean VanWyk rated it it was amazing Nov 30, Description For the first time, a leading authority on expressive emotions therapy EET translates these powerful techniques for emotional healing into a book accessible to general readers. Looking for beautiful books?

Meanwhile a control group spent the same number of sessions wwriting a description of something pennebaker such a tree or their dorm room. This book is the first guided journal written by the preeminent psychologist working in the field of expressive emotions therapy: Rather, it is a psychology study written for all of us and we are bound to glean so many benefits if we do just what he is jsmes.

Then he waited for six months while monitoring how often the students visited penneabker health centre. Kathy rated it liked it May 17, It can work just as well if you do the writing afterwards.

Pennebaker told me that roughly one in 20 students would end up crying, but when asked whether they wanted to continue they always did. So Pennebaker believes that the simple act of labelling your feelings and putting them into a story is somehow affecting the immune system. Does the stress cause people to release stress hormones such as cortisol, which are beneficial in the short-term and could enhance the immune system?

The puzzling way that writing heals the body

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Feb 29, Jazmyne rated it really liked it Shelves: I love this man! Semantics Coping With Personal Problems.