Nor am I pushing IceFaces as the best component library; I’m using it as an example because I was recently working on a project where it was. How to run AutoComplete Tutorial? I have the Ganymede version of Eclipse installed along with Tomcat I have unzipped the source code. ICEfaces Facelets Tutorial. Facelets is a view technology that focuses on building JSF component trees. Facelets steps outside of the JSP specification and.

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If you want to use ICEFaces icefacfs, then you will need to go to the website and get the appropriate download. The name attribute value must match that of a ui: The URLs are currently undefined, however you can see how this would be linked up. I wonder why ICEfaces tutorial page requires the user to login to view pages. How can I deploy tutorial samples and Jboss?

These libraries are the commons-collections. I followed the directions in the tutorial seems I guessed the missing parts tutirial and implemented server-initated rendering. I found out, that I have to call the. To use the tagfile, declare it as an XML namespace, shown below:. For this tutorial, we will select the Oracle 2.

A couple of examples of the kinds of components that can be used to quickly bring up a user interface. icfaces


I think the login screen does not appear which produces the error. You can create your own custom tags to be used in your application. When describing templating within Tytorial, we have two roles: I am not sure if the other tutorials are having issues when imported into NetBeans 6.

You will never be spammed. Virtualization for System Programmers. Open the PDF guide and step through the Eclipse setup hint: The template defines the header, body and divs.

ICEfaces Tutorials & Samples – ICEsoft Technologies

How can I run this from eclipse or distribute it to a war in order to run it from tomcat? The following code renders a similar output using the custom component we have created:.

Deploy the web application and test it using the IceFaces invocation pattern: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. You are now ready to being developing your ICEmobile application!

Deploy the application on Tomcat icefacds. Just a quick reminder: The primary goal behind the ICEfaces architecture is to provide the application developers with a familiar Java enterprise development model, and completely shelter them from the complexities of low-level Ajax development in JavaScript.

Complete tutorial on how to create custom components? Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: ICEFaces offer two sets of components: The nice thing about doing it this was is say if there was a search or edit page, the form used would probably be similar. The template defines the header, body and divs.

Printed by Atlassian Confluence 2. If any of you have a small working sample of creating dynamic list of Iceface component please share.


I think the way I For more information on dynamic includes using Facelets see the Dynamic-Includes Tutorial located here. Email Required, but never shown. You will need to pick a JSF implementation to use. Keyhole Software2 Jan For our example, we have developed a site that uses Facelets templating techniques. So I thougt it has to saved in the java resources directory, but I’m not sure jsg the app dont work.

Post as a guest Name. It simply includes the document pointed to by the? The following is an example of how the decorate tag works:. The site is rutorial into four parts, header, footer, navigation, and content sections.

JSF Components – A Quick Example Using ICEFaces

When first running this project in Eclipse, the application will open it in the Eclipse web browser which is not representative of a real world browser. Any content within the decorate tag will be passed to the associated template as parameters or simply ignored.

I have the Ganymede version of Eclipse installed along with Tomcat 6. Each page on the site is run andd of the main-template.