: Blue is for Nightmares (Stolarz Series) (): Laurie Faria Stolarz: Books. Book Cover: Blue is for Nightmares · Blue is for Nightmares · Book Cover: White is for Magic. White is for Magic · Book Cover: Silver is for Secrets · Silver is for. School Advice from the Blue is for Nightmares Characters by Laurie Stolarz Stacey, Amber, Drea, and PJ, four characters from the Blue is for Nightmares.

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This is another one I didn’t enjoy much. The guys were equally rough. But Stacey is of the Wicca persuasion, and this is a new sort of character to my reading experience. Lastly, she gives permission to Stacy to date Chad. Reading Eagle, Jan 4,p By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It’s a typical high school nonsense, falling in love with your best friend’s on-and-off-and-on again boyfriend, bitching about who’s better at picking up boys, etc. Sep 06, Andee rated it it was amazing. But to make teenage girl characters constantly obsessed with getting a boyfriend, or talking about boys all the time, when your story is not a love story is quite annoying and distract from the story.

That makes her suspicious so she continues her search for Drea. I wouldn’t want anything to do with her with how she treats people. First edition cover of first novel. It is action-packed and has an interesting, yet creepy plot. A few days later, Drea gets a package and Stacy becomes paranoid. Refresh and try again. May 15, Jackie rated it really liked it.

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From my blog, The Writer Diaries. But yeah, just the way I love it. Sequel to ‘Blue’ is just as compelling. At first she trusts him, but the she questions why he is even here in the first place.

I’m sorry would be the least she could say.

Blue is for Nightmares

Stacey’s interest as a character in this first half is generated more by her unconventional methodology than in any actual characterization. I had a hard time feeling any sense of dread for the events that were obviously going to happen. All that said, many adolescents are in for a bit of titillation, and the formula of sex and magic will probably net Stolarz a reasonable following.

Ho inoltre apprezzato il fatto che l’autrice abbia inserito un’elemento piuttosto insolito e non molto abusato nella letteratura per ragazzi, la magia naturale. I won’t recommend this book to anyone in particular, unless someone is looking for a quick-read to keep them entertained for an hour or two. It is Stacey’s senior year; one year after she saved her room mate, and best friend, Drea, from an untimely death. Quindi, tenendo ben conto di queste premesse, ho trovato la lettura molto piacevole e anche laure.

But before Stacey and Jacob can have a future, they nigjtmares face their pasts.

Sep 14, Basyirah rated it liked it. This time her nightmares are of ghosts of people who have been brutally murdered.

Once upon a time I enjoyed books regardless of what they lacked. Now where was I May 17, Trisha rated it liked it Shelves: Worst of all, no one has a perfect alibi. Stacy cuts her foot, and Donnovan tells her to stay put while he goes and looks around for some help apparently his cell phone had no connection. It seems unbelievable that only one student at this wealthy prep school has a cell phone, so I’m going to guess it was 90s.


Blue is for Nightmares Series – Laurie Stolarz

Witchcraft in written fiction American young adult novels Young adult novel series. I found Amber, PJ, and Chad to be two-dimensional and somewhat forgettable.

Lastly, I felt that some of the actions and behaviors seemed forced to fit with the storyline. She needs time to get over this ordeal. A quick and easy read for middle schoolers for sure.

Blue is for Nightmares – Flux

The book stplarz entirely bad though. Guess I’ll pick up the second book after all. Of course, Stacey also stolaez the usual poor writer’s heroine’s dimwittedness in venturing into the woods alone when she thinks she’s being stalked, worsened, of course, by the fact that the police officer who she had called to meet her there was distracted by one of Stacey’s friends and didn’t turn up on time, just to thicken the inert plot. Stacy doesn’t want to tell Drea what her visions indicate, but after these odd phone calls, and the mysterious package, Stacy decides it’s about time to tell her the truth.