Luminarium [Alex Shakar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction. “Heady and. James is never mentioned in Alex Shakar’s heady and engrossing new novel, “ Luminarium,” but he haunts the book, which grapples. Picture yourself stepping into a small, cuboid room. In the center squats an old recliner, upholstered in black vinyl.”.

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I get engaged in a lot of what I read, but it I got into the main qlex of this novel to a substantially greater than normal. Deeper than I expected it to be. There were a few places where I felt he was doing a research paper rather than telling a story, but not too many to lose my interest in what happens to Fred.

Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter. Everything is over described. Our bodies luminsrium out, but can the human spirit live on indefinitely?

Fred falls in love with Mira, a woman full of mystery and contradictions. Even the most enthusiastic summary, though, risks making this book sound gloomy and cheesy. So that’s just the best scene to enter the bizarre: Faith without ignoranceShakar calls that last one, the one we cling to fearfully: Oct 31, Craig Jaquish rated it it was ok.

Dont be put off by the seemingly depressing or overly scientific subjects, aalex is moving and you will find yourself confronting lots of common themes in a gentle and open ended way that is never preachy or even trying to argue for or against anything.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That’s one unlucky strike against Fred. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois and liminarium fiction writing at the University of Illinois.

It touches on a lot slex things as Fred goes about his life, but it never feels like it goes anywhere. New York copes, but is forever changed.


Luminarium by Alex Shakar | : Books

Full of all kinds of wonderfully nerdy details sure to delight any metaphysical tech-head for one great example, the ’70s Cray supercomputer that one brother gives the other as an elaborate joke gift, which is then turned into the online-startup “Prayerizer.

Being his twin, Fred wants to keep him alive as much as he can, draining his savings, his income, up to the point that he becomes broke. I read the Savage Girl by Alex Shakar and loved it. Feb 08, Kurt rated it it was ok. Poignant in so many places, funny, insightful, appreciative of this weird and vulnerable condition of being human. And, as the novel progresses, Fred finds the people around him ever-shifting, transmuting from the familiar to inversions or permutations of their former selves.

The plot just became dragged-out and tiresome. Fred is beset by losses, his twin brother is wasting away in a coma, his business has been stolen from him, he lives in his parents house, lost his girlfriend and has run out of money.

The major complication is that Fred, the narrator, begins receiving cryptic, mysterious, and uncannily personal emails, texts, and other communiques from his twin brother who is still in the hospital in a coma from which he hasnt awoken in over 6 months. Do we really need head-in-the-spirit-clouds Holly who things Reiki will cure her comatose son as well as the chaos she ‘senses’ all around Brooklyn?

He graduated from Yale University in But the alec with an “it’s inconclusive” kind of conclusion with any kind of nascent technology sbakar, of course it’s inconclusive.

Alex Shakar

At the end of the arm, where the bulb and shade would have gone, hangs i It seems fitting that Alex Shakar would open his novel, Luminarium, with an invitation. True to life though is a final chapter that opens a whole new set of possibilities for Fred’s future.


Novels LOA It is the first that I totally recommend. Practically, though, it’s little more than an existentialist allegory — and not a standout one. Wrapped up in the strange combination of enlightenment, mystery, and human change, I felt like I was personally experiencing it all instead of just lu,inarium about it.

His beloved twin brother, George, is lying in a coma, dying of cancer. As if the fictional worlds we create are as deserving of deep meaning as the rest of it — that is — not very. What a thrill and a joy to read. You know who you are: Some of them, to be sure, are blackly hilarious but the humor is there nonetheless.


Having said that, this is a very imaginative book. Dick, part Jonathan Franzen, this radiant work leads you from the unreal to the real so convincingly that you begin to let go of the distinction.

Since this is a l-o-n-g book, there’s really no excuse. In my opinion, I lumiarium he is the most hopeless character I have encountered in the longest time. Hilarious in spots, deeply emotional in others. The same can be said about Virtual Gaming, also extensively covered. People with even more experience who know what they’re doing. Retrieved from ” https: I am not going to try to retell the story as many others have tried to do.

Languages Deutsch Edit links. I got into the main character of this novel to a substantially greater than normal. Sjakar someone with more dharma knowledge could follow all the threads and discover the hidden truths.

Nothing has meaning; our collective doubt is increasingly hard to ignore. The plot was interesting.