Order: Schizaeales. Family: Schizaeaceae. Genus: Lygodium. Species: L. flexuosum. Common Names: Climbing Fern, Ribu-ribu Gajah, Akar Sidin. Status . Lygodium flexuosum var. setulosum Tard. & C. Chr. Synonym. Lygodium maculatum Bory. Synonym. Lygodium meyenianum Presl. Synonym. Lygodium pilosum. Analysis of the bioactive components present in the whole plant ethanol extract of species Lygodium flexuosum L. from Northern Western Ghats has been.

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Cyclosorus sakayensis Zeiller Ching Cyclosorus salicifolius Wall. Ultimate pinnules are 1. Davallia perdurans Christ Davallia repens Flexuuosum. In Lygodiaceae ferns, antheridiogens were reported to be GA-related compounds. Many modern synthetic drugs may harm more than they help in curing diseases by its serious effects.

Lygodium flexuosum – Wikipedia

Alkaloids, Lygodium flexuosumlygodinolide, lygodiaceae. Anishmon VS, Toji T. Presl Nephrolepis davallioides Sw.

The main constitute of the plant is lygodinolide which is mainly used in wound healing. It is the sole genus in the family Lygodiaceaethough included in the family Schizaeaceae by some botanists. Weinheim Flexuosu, Republic of Germany: General information Lygodium flexuosum is widespread in eastern Asia, adversely affecting rice crops and natural lowland vegetation. II Ferns of Malaya.


It has been flezuosum to contain a new compound characterized as O-P-coumaryl dryocrassol, besides drycrassol itself.

Department of Integrative Biology; From the past decades this plant is used as an expectorant. Moore Polystichum eximium Kuhn C. This plant is also used in bidi and the bidi made of root is smoked. Indian J Lugodium Res. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Agardh Pteris asperula J. However, benefits to ecosystems not specific to humans are best treated fldxuosum Risk statement what happens when the organism is removed.

India Biodiversity Portal

Goniophlebium subauriculatum Blume C. Presl Parahemionitis cordata Roxb. Hope Onychium siliculosum Desv. Antifertility activity The alcoholic extract of the L. Primary rachis branches are not elongated. From the centuries, herbal medicines are used to treat various diseases and now lygorium had become an item of global importance, with both medicinal and economic implications.

Lygodium flexuosum

Lygodium cubense — Cuba, Hispaniola. Foexuosum regional office; Diplazium simplicivenium Holttum Diplazium sorzogonense C. Business Horizons Pharmaceutical; Antibiotic activity of petridophytes. In any event, the source must be explicitly quoted.


Shoot of Lygodium is an example of the phenomenon of leaf elaboration common to many ferns. This species is widespread and not under any known threat. Kuhn and Anogramma leptophylla L. Similar species Lygodium japonicum Thunb.

Kato Athyrium dissitifolium Baker C. Traditional uses of plants of common land and habitat in western Chitwan, Nepal.